BRITNEY SPEARS showed off her bikini body in a new photo posted on her Instagram account, according to the latest celebrity news.

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BS Bikini

Britney has been very busy dancing, grinding, and making stars her slave, in her Las Vegas show. Like any other human being, she also deserves a break. In a new photo posted on her Instagram account, she’s shown enjoying a nice vacation and showing off her sexy bikini body.

BRITNEY SPEARS made NICOLE RICHIE her “slave” during her Las Vegas concert last Tuesday.

britney richie

The newly brown-haired singer is having a blast with her Las Vegas residency in Planet Hollywood.  It’s getting wilder every show with new celebrity guests being put on leash and walked like the dog.  Britney‘s newest “slave” is her pal Nicole Richie who went to Tuesday’s show in Las Vegas.

Britney grabbed Richie to the stage and made her wear bondage gear and walked her like a dog on a leash!

In recent celebrity news, BRITNEY SPEARS may have been caught lip-synching at one of her Vegas shows last week.


Despite being a veteran in the music industry, Britney Spears is constantly coming under fire for allegedly lip-synching at her concerts. Of course the singer fervently denies the accusations each time, insisting that she “always” sings live.

At one of her Vegas shows last week, however, Spears had an unfortunate technical malfunction that once again reignited the lip-synching speculation.

Star news has learned that BRITNEY SPEARS dyed her blonde hair to brown!

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britney brunette

It looks like brunette is hot this season! Kim Kardashian recently went back to being brunette and now Britney Spears also did it!  Maybe this sudden change is for the sexy singer‘s famous Las Vegas show?

Over the weekend, Britney posted a photo with her new hair color while holding a bottle:

“Spice up Valentine’s Day by getting ‘Naughty & Nice’ ((pun intended)).”

LADY GAGA was spotted hanging out with BRITNEY SPEARS last weekend in Las Vegas, star news has reported.


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Britney Spears has been very busy with her Las Vegas Show. She also had a lot of famous celebrity visitors (who she placed a leash on and walked them like a dog) including boyfriend David Lacudo and singer Lance Bass.  Just last weekend, another famous person visited her during the show — Lady Gaga!

BRITNEY SPEARS wore a nude floral dress to the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

Hit or miss?

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Britney is known for her questionable fashion choices, but we have to admit… this is a good effort for her.

The Vegas Queen brought back some of Sin City’s glitz and glamour to L.A. when she attended Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards in a nude Mikael D dress with sheer long sleeves and glittery silver rose appliqués, accessorized with nude Giuseppe Zanotti pumps and tiny floral earrings