Several female producers who worked with Casey Affleck don’t think he’s guilty of sexual harassment. Last week, two women who worked with Casey on the documentary ‘I’m Still Here’ claim that he sexually harassed them during the shoot. There were allegations of lewd comments, hookers and touching. Affleck denies this and two female co-workers have come to his side defending him, too.

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Nicole Acacio, who was a producer on the film, told reporters:

Casey Affleck got sued for sexual harassment. During the taping of Joaquin Phoenix‘s documentary (mockumentary), an ex-employee of Casey Affleck‘s says the actor sexually harassed her. Amanda White says Affleck afflicted “unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace”and she’s suing for a whopping $2 million.

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Of course, Affleck says White is all sour grapes — bitter after she was fired.

Feast your eyes on Joaquin Phoenix‘ latest photos.. darn it is Phoenix! I know many of you probably don’t recognize him. I didn’t initially so no worries. Phoenix was with Casey Affleck. Casey is married to Joaquin’s sister. He is doing a documentary about Joaquin, a “retired” actor and his transition from acting to the music world.

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Sources close to the whole Joaquin Phoenix rap explosion say it’s all an elaborate hoax. Joaquin Phoenix quit acting (and showering/shaving) a few months back and said he was going to focus exclusively on his rap career. He performed a rather humiliatingly bad stint at a Las Vegas nightclub.

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A source says:

Joaquin Phoenix was a wasted mess this weekend. He is in the process of turning in to a rap star and pal Casey Affleck is filming the whole ordeal for a documentary.  Is this for real?  Because if my friend/in-laws were ignoring the dependency problems like Casey was and filming me anyway, I’d be mad.

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Here’s a video of the incident: