Celebrity gossip websites were shocked to see LINDSAY LOHAN’s latest makeup mishap… outrageously dark brows!

Is she trying to pull a BROOKE SHIELDS or something?

PFR 005913

The troubled actress, who managed to look decent—even classy, actually—at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last month, was way off her game when she appeared on the red carpet at an event sponsored by the A&E channel at New York’s Lincoln Center with unsightly makeup and eyebrows to rival those of Lily Collins (but to be fair, Lily does pull hers off quite well).

KE$HA glued gold studs to her head… and it looks totally freaky!

We really hope that’s not permanent glue, Ke$ha.

kesha gold studs hairstyle

The “Tik Tok” singer shaved half her hair off last month, but the hairstyle—which was originally popularized in Hollywood by R&B singer Cassiewasn’t as shocking (or original) as she would have liked it to be… so she decided to glue some sparkling gold studs to her head.

Now that’s original.

KATE MOSS was all clothed, but decidedly creepy in a celebrity photo shoot for W Magazine’s celebrity fashion Spring issue.

kate moss w magazine cover

It’s seldom you see the supermodel fully-clothed…in fact, almost never…but here she is channeling good and evil in an unsettling  dual cover for the magazine’s March 2012 issue…

kate moss w magazine cover 2

In a lace Vera Wang and Erdem “habit,” Kate embodies the good, while in a Gucci silk georgette dress, she portrays evil. Strangely enough, in both set of shots from the 12-page fashion spread, she’s missing her eyebrows. Is this a new fashion trend we should take note of, as well?

Entertainment news today wants to know…what’s with LADY GAGA‘s new accent? While it may not be over-the-top Brit ala MADONNA during her horse-riding GUY RICHIE phase, we’ve been noticing how very careful and overly formal Mother Monster has been enunciating her vowels lately.

lady gaga marry the night video grab

Whatever happened to Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta‘s New York born and bred Yankee accent?

We’ve never seen BRAD PITT going for this kind of crazy, electrocuted look, but here he is doing just that on The New York Times Magazine’s Hollywood issue cover.

brad pitt new york times magazine

Frankly, this is something entertainment news would normally expect from Johnny Depp, weirdo extraordinaire, but not hunky matinee idol Brad, who, truth be told, really looks like he’s had a “Touch of Evil”…which, incidentally, is the theme of this year’s issue…

So who is Brad attempting to channel here?

KATERINA GRAHAM was a complete fashion disaster at the 2011 KIIS FM Jingle Ball—her outfit was absolutely horrid from head-to-toe! Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

GFR 008304

Kat normally likes to dress in bizarre outfits, but she usually looks good in them. Her latest effort, however, makes us think that it’s time for her to get a stylist… or a mirror.