Here’s the latest Hollywood news: CHARLIE SHEEN went head to head with ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS at an L.A. law office over the custody of their two children—and Charlie went home defeated. No surprises there!


Although things have been noticeably better between the ex-lovers, they apparently did not see eye-to-eye over the custody of their children. Sources reveal that Charlie wanted to have his daughters Sam and Lola during weekends, but Denise vetoed the idea due to her concern over the welfare of their kids under Charlie’s care.

Charlie Sheen is spending quality time with his twin sons, Bob and Max, and he’s teaching his 2-year-old boys the finer points of language. Like teaching them how to say “Mommy’s in rehab.”


According to celebrity news, Charlie‘s spending his first ever weekend with the boys since the judge who pronounced his divorce from Brooke Mueller awarded custody of the twins to their mother in March.

Now Charlie‘s making hay while the sun shines, and telling his sons where their mother spends much of her time.

CHARLIE SHEEN has just lost custody battle for his 2-year-old twins! A Los Angeles judge has just granted Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller to continue with the primary legal and physical custody of their 2-year-old twin boys: Max and Bob!

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Mueller who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse has checked back into rehab yesterday. Radar Online termed it “a well-publicized relapse in her crack cocaine addiction.”

Charlie Sheen’s twins were taken in the night by the LAPD and given back to their mother, Brooke Mueller. Yesterday proved to be a crazy day in the Sheen world, after it seemed things would be settling down. But then he brought his goddesses to an interview, got on Twitter and spent some more time with lawyers.


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have finally decided to call a truce in their ugly, custody battle. For the past few weeks Halle and Gabriel have been mudslinging insults about one another getting a ton of press over claims she’s jealous and crazy and that he’s a racist.

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Thankfully, they’ve decided to bury the hatchet and work out a joint custody deal.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s custody battle is heating up with both sides looking like they’re ready to duke it out in court. Berry and Aubry split last April and have since very publicly moved on. Well, it looks like their toddler Nahla is feeling the brunt of the split the most – her parents are now in engaged in a lengthy custody battle.

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