Star news reveals that TILA TEQUILA is entering rehab later this week.

Poor girl.

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Tila Tequila has decided to seek professional help and treatment, after a previous report of her suffering a brain aneurysm and overdosing on what turns out to be sleeping pills that led her into being hospitalized for a week. The reality TV and porn star reportedly almost didn’t live through the terrible ordeal, if it weren’t for her roommate who came just in time to rescue a convulsing Tila. After her brief stint in the hospital, the tiny model has decided to enter a rehab facility.

TILA TEQUILA was hospitalized for a week after suffering a brain aneurysm and an overdose on prescription drugs.

It gets scarier!

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Star news reports that Tila Tequila, or Tila Nguyen, had suffered a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night and had taken heavy doses of prescription drugs, landing her in the hospital for weeks. But the Vietnamese-American model, who had lost most of her famous Playboy curves as she lost 22 pounds due to her health issue, almost didn’t make it to the hospital at all!

DEMI LOVATO did a glamorous celebrity photo shoot for Glamour magazine’s December 2011 spread, and we can’t get over how much of a woman she’s become in such a short while.

demi lovato dec glamour magazine spread

Just take a look at that sultry gaze she’s trained on the camera…doesn’t look much like the Demi of just a few months ago, does she?

And what does she credit for this subtle but very revealing change?

DEMI LOVATO is still talking about her stint in rehab last year…apparently she can’t get over the fact she had to go through psychiatric treatment to be able to get on with her life.

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Demi couldn’t stop repeating how grateful she is to be able to spend the holidays with her family this year because last year she was…you guessed it…mentally unfit to mix with people…

A judge has sentenced LINDSAY LOHAN to 30 days in the slammer after she pleaded guilty to violating the terms of her probation, star news has learned.


The recidivist actress, who wore a somber navy blue polka-dot dress, was eerily calm and accepting of her fate in the hands of justice, a far cry from her near hysterics a year ago when she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her three-year long probation on a 2007 drunk driving charge…

AMY WINEHOUSE‘S posthumous album is scheduled for release early next month, star news has learned. Tracks never heard before and recorded by the troubled and ill-fated before her death will be included in album, entitled “Lioness: Hidden Treasures”, which will be available in stores by December 5:

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Some of the songs are re-recordings of Amy‘s previous hits, such as a demo version of “Wake Up Alone”, and a slow version of “Tears Dry On Their Own”. Fans will also be treated to “Body and Soul”, a duet Amy sang with Tony Bennet shortly before she was found dead in her home.