KHLOE KARDASHIAN finally broke her silence on her “heartbreaking” divorce with LAMAR ODOM, and here’s what she had to say:

It’s “torture to my soul.”

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Poor Khloe!

As recently reported, the stunning reality star finally decided to divorce her husband Lamar Odom after a turbulent couple of months, which centered on Lamar‘s intense drug addiction and alleged cheating ways.

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to reveal her feelings about her decision to end their marriage:

ASHTON KUTCHER and DEMI MOORE‘s divorce has been officially finalized, according to the latest Hollywood gossip.

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Two years after the alleged cheating scandal that put an end to the former couple’s five-year marriage, Ashton and Demi are finally divorced.

The “Jobs” actor initially filed for divorce in December 2012, but due to disagreements over money, it took almost a full year for the court to finalize the dissolution of their marriage.

TMZ reports:

The latest Hollywood news reports that FRANCESCA EASTWOOD is currently seeking an annulment from JONAH HILL‘s brother, JORDAN FELDSTEIN, after just one week of marriage.


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Francesca Eastwood causes yet another controversy after unexpectedly tying the knot in Vegas with Jonah Hill‘s artist manager brother, Jorgan Feldstein, just last week.

Apparently, our guesses about their quickie wedding was right… It was a legit wedding, but it was caused by “lots” of alcohol.

ORLANDO BLOOM and MIRANDA KERR have just shocked the world by announcing their separation.

We really, really wish we were kidding.

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Apparently, a lot can happen in just a few days, particularly since they were spotted on what appeared to be a happy family outing with their adorable 2-year-old son earlier this month.

The latest Hollywood split is shocking because Orlando and Miranda, who first became a couple in 2007 and secretly married in 2010, have always been a heavy favorite among fans, because in addition to being such a beautiful couple, they always seemed as though they would last.

CLINT EASTWOOD‘s wife DINA has officially filed for divorce, according to Hollywood news.

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Following their announcement in late August that they’re separating after nearly 17 years of marriage after falling out of love, Dina Eastwood has filed for divorce against her famous husband.

Mrs. Eastwood filed the documents on Tuesday, citing “irreconcilable differences” and asking for full physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Morgan.

Oh, and she’s requesting spousal support and and that Clint pay for her attorney’s fees.

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, KRIS JENNER’s alleged obsession with TV ratings reportedly ruined her marriage to BRUCE JENNER.

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After months of battling divorce rumors, Kris and Bruce Jenner officially announced their separation two weeks ago—to no one’s surprise. And the reason, according to new reports, is the infamous momager’s seemingly insatiable thirst for fame… and TV ratings.

A source tells

“Everything in Kris’ life is about ratings… Bruce was never her priority and he was totally sick of it.”