The latest Hollywood news reports that JUSTIN BIEBER has been arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami on Thursday morning.


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It seems all his trouble making has finally reached its peak.

Just a week after he was accused and investigated for allegedly egging a neighbor’s house—on top of all his law-breaking in the past few months— the “All That Matters” singer was cuffed by cops after speeding a rented Lamborghini early Thursday morning in Miami.

Hollywood news reports that LAMAR ODOM has been formally charged with a DUI last Friday, two weeks after he was cited for it.

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Lamar Odom has finally been charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence on Friday, on top of his reported crack cocaine addiction and alleged marital drama.

DINA LOHAN was arrested for drunk driving in New York on Thursday, Hollywood news has learned.


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While Lindsay Lohan is trying to regain people’s trust by staying out of trouble following her latest rehab stint, her hard partying mother got herself arrested for DUI.

Like mother, like daughter, right?

According to the latest Hollywood news, LAMAR ODOM has been busted for DUI on Friday, amid reported marital and drug problems.


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Lamar Odom seems to be going on a downward spiral.

The basketball star, who is reportedly having marital problems with wife Khloe Kardashian over his uncontrolled use of crack cocaine for the past 2 years, just came home recently after avoiding his family—who desperately wants him to go back to rehab—for a few days.

MIGUEL was arrested for DUI on Thursday, Hollywood news has learned.


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Mariah Carey‘s collaborator in “#Beautiful” had a stroke of bad luck on Thursday night.

Miguel [Jontel Pimentel], who was cruising in Los Angeles, was pulled over in his BMW X6 by cops for speeding and tinted windows. That was when the cops realized that the singer smelled of booze so he was asked to perform field sobriety tests… and failed.

Hollywood news reports that REESE WITHERSPOON and her husband JIM TOTH were arrested for disorderly conduct and DUI in Atlanta, respectively.

Witherspoon Toth Mug Shots

Reese Witherspoon found herself cuffed, along with her husband of two yearsJim Toth, after an unfortunate encounter with cops.

The Oscar-winning actress, who was in Atlanta filming “The Good Lie,” and Toth were driving in town on Friday but were stopped by cops after they got on the wrong lane. Regular procedure then required Toth to use the Breathalyzer, which later read .139 (.059 past the legal limit).