In recent star news, DRAKE BELL slammed JUSTIN BIEBER, LADY GAGA, and ARIANA GRANDE for their “gross” messages in a new Buzzfeed interview.


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Drake Bell has been continuously slamming the young singer Justin Bieber throughout the years. He even urged Americans to deport the star! Now that he’s bankrupt, it looks like he’s lashing out his frustrations again on Bieber and other artists.

DEMI LOVATO apologized to KATHY GRIFFIN for the hate tweets and told her fans to “chill” out, star news has learned.

Isn’t she so nice?

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The former “X Factor” judge was recently bashed online by comedienne Kathy Griffin for commenting on Gaga‘s recent controversial performance. After her insult, Lovato‘s fans quickly attacked her with hate tweets in defense of the star. Now, Lovato has broken her silence.

KATHY GRIFFIN was attacked by DEMI LOVATO‘s fans after the comedienne’s diss on the singer via Twitter a few days ago, according to the latest Hollywood gossip.

Oh no!

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Just recently, Kathy Griffin bashed Demi Lovato on Twitter and called her the “biggest celebrity douche” she has ever met on Twitter after the singer blasted Gaga for glamorizing eating disorders. The pink-haired powerhouse singer has not yet reacted from this, but her fans have already taken action.

In recent star news, KATHY GRIFFIN bashed DEMI LOVATO on Twitter!


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Just over a week ago, Lady Gaga made a huge statement when she allowed herself to be puked onstage for a performance art. Demi Lovato, who had a troubled past with addiction, greatly opposes the vomit incident because for her, it glamorizes eating disorders. A week after that, another celebrity expressed her opinions on Demi‘s sentiments.

Kathy Griffin, who’s known for mocking artists, bashed Demi Lovato on Twitter.

Star news reports that JAY-Z has fired back at DRAKE for his “art reference” disses, in a new remix of Soulja Boy‘s “We Made It.”

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You may remember that Drake, who released his own remix of Soulja Boy‘s “We Made It,” lightly dissed Jay-Z for his “art references” in the latter’s song lyrics, like in “Picasso Baby” and “Holy Grail.”

Now the veteran rapper is responding to Drake in the form of lyrics from his own Jay Electronica remix of Soulja Boy‘s song, much like how Drake feuds with his eternal rival Chris Brown.

DEMI LOVATO has slammed fellow pop star LADY GAGA for “glamorizing” eating disorders with her shocking vomit-filled performance at the SXSW Music Festival.

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Demi Lovato is definitely not afraid to speak her mind… especially when it comes to eating disorders. A few years ago, she slammed the Disney Channel (her former employer) after they made a joke about the disease in one of their shows.