In a shocking new interview with celebrity news, JAMES FRANCO reveals:

“I wish I was gay.”

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Since high school, James Franco has been rumored to be gay. It got worse when he started taking on transgender roles and questioning his sexuality, despite having sex scenes with women in his other movies.

But in a candid interview with The Daily Beast on Monday, the “Spring Breakers” actor finally gave a meatier answer to address the pressing question.

In recent Hollywood news, WENTWORTH MILLER has admitted that he tried to commit suicide several times when he was young… due to the hardships of keeping his sexual orientation a secret.

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One month after officially coming out as a gay man to the public, the actor has once again opened up about his personal struggles with being gay, and how it led to him attempting to commit suicide on multiple occasions when he was a teenager.

The latest Hollywood gossip reports that”Prison Break” star WENTWORTH MILLER has come out as gay.

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Shocking, we know.

Wentworth Miller, the lead actor in “Prison Break,” has come out of the closet… and he did it in an open letter addressed to the St. Petersburg Film Festival, who invited him to protest for Russia’s laws against homosexuals.

Needless to say, he declined the invitation due to their strong anti-gay stance.

The letter, which was GLAAD website, reads:

JESSE TYLER FERGUSON and JUSTIN MIKITA have tied the knot, according to the latest star news.

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A lot of gay bachelors decided to get married after gay marriage was legalized in New York, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita were two of them.

The couple, who got engaged last year, finally wed on Saturday in Manhattan, at 82 Mercer.

ZACHARY QUINTO and JONATHAN GROFF have split up after over a year of dating, according to the latest Hollywood news.

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Sadly, Zachary Quinto and “Glee” star Jonathan Groff have called it quits, almost one year after confirming their relationship.

The breakup was amicable and the two remain friends, with Quinto even showing up to support Groff during one of his most recent stage performances.

“Glee” star JANE LYNCH has officially filed for divorce against her wife, Dr. LARA EMBRY.

It’s finally happening…

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A month after Jane Lynch announced that she was divorcing her wife of three years, the Emmy winner has finally filed the documents for the split in L.A. County Court.

According to TMZ, Sue Sylvester of “Glee” cited “irreconcilable differences and have separated from Embry since February.