As it turns out, WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s will does include BOBBY BROWN.

Well, sort of…

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Star news reveal new details about Whitney Houston‘s will, stating that there are secondary beneficiaries. Whitney Houston‘s will has already been validated and has revealed in recent reports that Whitney‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina is the sole beneficiary, making her the only person who will inherit all of her mother’s worldly possessions from before her untimely passing. That is, while she remains alive and healthy until age 30 when she can finally have her hands on all the rest of her mother’s money.

HUGH HEFNER is a class unto himself; he’s allowed his runaway bride CRYSTAL HARRIS to keep the $90,000 engagement ring he gave her just before she absconded the Playboy Mansion, left her geriatric groom at the altar, and partied in Sin City on her wedding day. The Hef isn’t only classy. He’s a total gentleman. No wonder there’s never a bunny shortage under his roof.


Why doesn’t it surprise us that CRYSTAL HARRIS ditched HUGH HEFNER over money. More to the point, that she wasn’t getting enough of it.  Who does she think she is? Anna Nicole Smith? Was she gunning for a prenup of her own ala Kim Kardashian?


According to celebrity news, Crystal was getting mighty tired of her weekly allowance of a couple of hundred dollars and wanted more out of the relationship. Like maybe the Playboy mansion. She was also looking into launching her own music career apart from her duties as Hef‘s soon-to-be wife.

Why do you think they are famous?

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