According to the latest Hollywood gossip, KIM KARDASHIAN regretted dyeing her hair back to brunette! She says:

“I’m so annoyed I dyed my hair dark.”

Kim Kardashian1

The bootylicious celebrity had a very recent makeover. From being a blonde bombshell, she dyed her hair back to brunette!  Just after a few days, however, Kim realizes that she might have made a mistake.

She shared on her Mobio INsider page that she doesn’t really love “change”:

Star news has learned that KIM KARDASHIAN has dyed her hair back to brunette and explained:

I “love change.”

Kim Kardashian

Now that’s the Kim Kardashian that we know!

Months after she went blonde (for the nth time) as part of her post-baby makeover, the reality star has gone back to her normal shade of brunette.

Kardashian captioned the Instagram photo of her new hairdo, which she (of course) showed off right away:

“I’m back.”

According to the latest entertainment news, DEMI LOVATO dyed her hair pink!

Pretty in pink!


The youngest X Factor judge definitely has a brave heart. After being able to recover from her addiction, she’s no longer afraid to stand up for her friends and call out her haters.

In addition to all that, she translates her strong personality to her personal style, this time by dyeing her hair in a shocking yet beautiful color!

In a recent interview with star news, ARIANA GRANDE admitted that she wears “more fake hair than any drag queen on earth combined.”

AAG 017069

The “Right There” singer once damaged her vocal chord, but fortunately recovered from it.  This time however, the Teen Vogue cover girl has damaged something else… her gorgeous locks.

Sutprisingly, not everyone wished they had Ariana‘s wavy mane. Last weekend, she addressed this issue on Facebook:

EMILIA CLARKE‘s hairstyle for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards was one of the simplest (but also one of the prettiest) we saw on the red carpet.

Want to get the look? Read on!

Emilia Clarke 2

The Emmy nominee was simply stunning at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards on Saturday.

And we just love her hair!

Thanks to Dove’s celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend (and Dove’s Oxygen line), Emilia‘s crowning glory was smooth, shiny, and full of body. He says of her look:

HUGH JACKMAN donned a new mullet hairdo for a movie role earlier this week!

Check it out:

hugh jackman

The People’s Choice Awards nominee, who’s set to reprise his mutant role in “Xmen: Days of Future Past”, famously did a pretty great job in the film “Les Miserables.” He might have picked up a few things from his co-actors in the movie, specifically Anne Hathaway‘s (forced) decision to cut her hair as he dons a new shorter hairdo!