KATY PERRY debuted her new green hair on Instagram, star news has reported.

Pretty Perry!

Katy green

Throughout the years, Katy Perry has undergone a lot of major transformations with her various candy-colored outfits. Most notable about her, of course, are her crazy hair color choices. She has colored her hair brown, blonde, pink, a combination of pink and blonde, black, purple, blue green and blue! Now, it looks like she’s completing the rainbow on her hair with “slime green”!

KRISTEN STEWART debuted her new orange hair, Hollywood news has learned!

Check it out:

KS orange

Kristen Stewart has been continually shocking the world from her horrible affair with a married man last year and by going topless in a Balenciaga ad. The soon-to-be 24-year-old young actress has done it again by dyeing her hair orange!

Stewart donned her new ‘do in a photo posted by the Instagram page of Maison de Cheveux, the salon in New Orleans that dyed Stewart‘s hair to orange.

Entertainment news has reported that DEMI LOVATO shaved a part of her head!

Check it out:


The powerhouse singer, who’s been very busy with her “Neon Lights” tour, has undergone drastic changes in hairstyle. From a gorgeous blue color last year to a loud and pretty pink this year!  Now, she’s done something new with her hair!

No, it’s not color green or any new color. She just shaved part of her head!

CARA DELEVINGNE looked shocked upon seeing TAYLOR SWIFT‘s new haircut in a photo posted on Instagram!

Check it out:

tswift cara

Were you shocked with Taylor Swift‘s new shorter haircut? Well you’re not the only one! Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevingne was shocked as well when she saw Taylor‘s new hairstyle.

In a photo posted on Cara‘s Instagram, Taylor dons her shorter cut and beside her are her shocked friends Cara Delevingne and her “Red tour” pal Ellie Goulding.

TAYLOR SWIFT debuted her shorter hairstyle on Instagram earlier today.

Check it out:

taylorswift ellie

As we all know, Taylor isn’t as adventurous with her mane as some of her fellow pop stars. The most drastic change she has probably ever done to her famously curly blonde locks is… to style it straight.

Or maybe some bangs.

That’s why when she cuts it to a long bob—as seen above—it ends up being pretty big news.

Star news has learned that BRITNEY SPEARS dyed her blonde hair to brown!

Check it out:

britney brunette

It looks like brunette is hot this season! Kim Kardashian recently went back to being brunette and now Britney Spears also did it!  Maybe this sudden change is for the sexy singer‘s famous Las Vegas show?

Over the weekend, Britney posted a photo with her new hair color while holding a bottle:

“Spice up Valentine’s Day by getting ‘Naughty & Nice’ ((pun intended)).”