Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI has lovely memories about the time she skinny dipped in the lake behind GEORGE CLOONEY‘s Italian villa. Particularly since “Mildred Pierce” star Evan Rachel Wood and PBS talk show host Charlie Rose skinny dipped right along with her. George Clooney sure can party… so we wonder who else has gone in the buff and splashed around on his lake…

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Hollywood rumors are wondering whether JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX are thinking of moving to New York permanently after Jen plunked down a $15 million for a penthouse in Manhattan recently. After all, she did announce she was going on a one-year hiatus from Hollywood, and building a love nest with spectacular city views in the Big Apple is just phase two of that plan…


OCTOMOM NADYA SULEMAN is hustling to get her house sold, so buy it now before the bank forecloses on it…and this time for real. The bank really will kick her and her 14 children out on the streets sometime next week.


So what’s a mom to do? Why sell the house of course. Within the space of a week.

The only thing is, all her 14 children have ridden hard on that house and its a real fixer-upper. Of course, nothing that a little elbow grease and an expensive contractor won’t solve…

JENNIFER ANISTON just moved into her new home in Hollywood Hills, and the resulting effect has totally wrecked the neighborhood. Swarms of paparazzi have been invading surrounding streets, garbage cans, light posts, and everywhere else as close as they can get to catch a photo of Jen and her beau Justin Theroux. And they’ve caused major traffic, minor accidents, lots of loud noises, and vociferous complaints. There go the property values…


A squatter took up residence in PAMELA ANDERSON‘s home and even slit her wrists after Pammy called the police. Funny thing was, it took several days before the former “Baywatch” babe noticed a certain someone had broken in and was living in her spare guest room after stuff started disappearing around the house. How ditzy can you get?


Oh to be CELINE DION and to live in the comforts of a lushly-appointed mansion…apparently an intruder was thinking in the very same lines because he broke into the singer’s Montreal digs and made himself thoroughly at home. Unfortunately, he also got busted.


Daniel Bedard, the 36-year-old suspect, gained entrance into the Canadian chanteuse’s home via hopping the fence and accessing the easily located garage door opener from an unlocked car. He then made his way through the mansion, eating pastries from the fridge, discarding snack wrappers and cigarette butts on the floor, and even ran himself a nice warm bath in one of the bathrooms.