bKRISTEN BELL and JENNA DEWAN-TATUM went naked for the newest issue of Allure, celebrity news has learned.


Kristen Bell for Allure

Kristen Bell has made it clear that she has a problem with the “pedorazzi” and the exploitation of kids in Hollywood… but apparently not with nudity.

The singer-actress went nude for the newest issue of Allure magazine, as did Channing Tatum‘s equally hot wife and baby momma, Jenna Dewan, as well as other stars Nia Long and Minnie Driver.

Jenna Dewan Tatum for Allure

BLAKE SHELTON shared his thoughts to entertainment news on MIRANDA LAMBERT last Monday in an interview. He shared:

“She’s my life.”

Blake interview

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s complicated married life has been the recent topic of gossip websites and media outlets. The two are facing cheating and divorce rumors from various sources and they have both slammed them all. In an interview for the “Today Show” just recently, Blake slammed these rumors once again and shed light on what he really feels for his wife.

JON HAMM slammed JUSTIN BIEBER in a recent interview with entertainment news by asking him:

“What the f*ck” are you doing?

Jon Hamm Mens Health May 2014 Issue

Jon Hamm joins the still growing list of Hollywood stars who question Justin Bieber and his crazy, widely-reported D-bag antics.

In a new interview with Men’s Health, which the “Mad Men” star covered for the newest issue, opened up about his no holds barred thoughts on young stars. He told the magazine:

SOFIA VERGARA opened up about her opinion on paying for sex in a new interview with entertainment news:

“Why not?”

MSA 008855

Sofia Vergara has no problem with male strippersor paying for sex.

The sexy and liberated “Modern Family” comedienne opened up about her thoughts on prostitution in a recent interview for the promotion of her racy “Fading Gigolo” movie.

Vergara said in the interview:

ANDREW GARFIELD dished about JUSTIN BIEBER‘s huge fame at such a young age on star news. He said:.

It’s “not healthy.”

JTE 000221

In the wake of Bieber‘s childish acts and wrongdoings, celebrities and fans have verbally expressed their hate or love for the singer. Some were brutal and criticized him to filth, including his rival Drake Bell and even Sharon Osbourne who would stick up a foot up his ass. There were some celebrities like Ariana Grande who showed compassion and understanding for the star.

JOEY FATONE reveals in a new interview with celebrity news that the upcoming Backstreet Boys tour with New Kids on the Block is happening because they “just need the money.”

Was that a diss?

joey fatone

Many are reveling about the fact that the Backstreet Boys have reunited once again, even more when it was announced that they will be going back on tour… and with fellow ’90s boy group, New Kids on the Block.