JON HAMM slammed JUSTIN BIEBER in a recent interview with entertainment news by asking him:

“What the f*ck” are you doing?

Jon Hamm Mens Health May 2014 Issue

Jon Hamm joins the still growing list of Hollywood stars who question Justin Bieber and his crazy, widely-reported D-bag antics.

In a new interview with Men’s Health, which the “Mad Men” star covered for the newest issue, opened up about his no holds barred thoughts on young stars. He told the magazine:

JOEY FATONE reveals in a new interview with celebrity news that the upcoming Backstreet Boys tour with New Kids on the Block is happening because they “just need the money.”

Was that a diss?

joey fatone

Many are reveling about the fact that the Backstreet Boys have reunited once again, even more when it was announced that they will be going back on tour… and with fellow ’90s boy group, New Kids on the Block.

KATE UPTON admitted in a recent interview with celebrity news:

“I wish I had smaller boobs.”

JOG 002795

One day, Kate Upton‘s “proud” of her boobs, which made her famous on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But the curvy bikini model now says she actually wishes her famous body part was less… obvious.

Upton told The Sun that she wishes she had smaller breasts “every day of my life” as she loves to go “braless” and go for the “smallest bikini designs.” She continues:

Entertainment news has learned that ED SHEERAN made an impressive cover of BEYONCE‘s “Drunk In Love.”


ed cover

The british singer, Ed Sheeran, is best known for his passionate and unique style in music that translates to his hit songs such as “I See Fire,” “Give Me Love,” “Lego House,” and many more. He also does great covers does justice to these legendary songs. His recent cover is Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love” and it sounds great!

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, KRIS JENNER is posing for “Playboy” Magazine?


AES 099419

Kris Jenner has lost so much within these past few months, which includes her cancelled talk show and her failed marriage to Bruce Jenner. She might be trying to get back everything she had as she was seen holding hands with Bruce Jenner lately. According to rumors, Kris Jenner will be posing for “Playboy” magazine, which sounds like a cry for attention to get famous or be relevant again.

Star news has reported that KELLY OSBOURNE slammed some tabloid rumors and defended MILEY CYRUS and JUSTIN BIEBER.

MTO 007294

Kelly might have ended her feud with Lady Gaga, but apparently she’s not done with slamming tabloids and media for their offensive rumors. She recently slammed a media outlet for making rumors about dating a close friend while she had just ended her engagement with Matthew Mosshart.