Hollywood news has reported that CHARLIE HUNNAM discussed in an interview why he left “Fifty Shades Of Grey.”


DGG 043088Last year, it was announced that Charlie Hunnam will be playing the lead role in the upcoming film “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” Not long after, he dropped out of the movie and has soon been replaced by Jamie Dornan. In a new interview, Hunnam discusses more about the real reason on why he left the film and it wasn’t because he never really wanted to do it.

PARIS HILTON has shared her thoughts on dating to star news. Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully trust any man.”

PFR 013104Paris Hilton’s rose to fame can be attributed to the wide release of her infamous sex tape. While the “Come Alive” singer benefited from this experience, it was still devastating and really traumatizing for Paris, especially since her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon filmed and released it. Now, Hilton is having a hard time finding the right boyfriend because she can’t seem to trust men anymore.

Celebrity news has learned that BRODY JENNER skipped KIM KARDASHIAN’s wedding. Here’s his reason:

“I don’t know Kanye.”

PRN 111125

A few months ago, it was reported that Rob Kardashian bailed out on his sister’s wedding. It was revealed that he had weight insecurities that led him to flee the event. Apparently, it wasn’t only Rob who wasn’t in attendance during the wedding, Brody Jenner, Kim’s stepbrother, skipped out as well.

LANA DEL REY is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine. Here’s what she said on her interview:

“I feel f*cking crazy, people make me feel crazy.”

Lana Rolling stone

The “Shades of Cool” singer has come a long way from a simple hopeful singer to an indie music goddess. Del Rey is now preoccupied with promoting her newest album and singing in her gigs. Now, Lana has snagged her first ever cover on the Rolling Stone magazine and she looks fab!

Celebrity news has reported that JOE MANGANIELLO teached CONAN O’BRIEN last Tuesday some stripper moves!

We can’t wait to see this!

Joe conan stripper

The “True Blood” hunk, Joe Manganiello, is a real hottie! With a body and face like that, he can date whoever he wants. We all admire him as an actor, but we admit that we really liked it when he danced as a stripper for the movie “Magic Mike.”

CAMERON DIAZ has shared to celebrity news that the thought of having sex with DREW BARRYMORE makes her want to “vomit.”


harpers bazaar  cameron diazThe long-legged cover girl has been recently reported to have explored her sexuality with other women. It has also been rumored that she was linked romantically with her “Charlie’s Angels”co-star, Drew Barrymore. In a new interview, however, Diaz made a rather snarky comment about Barrymore, which makes us question if they have a relationship trouble (whether it be just friends or lovers).