Star news has reported that JARED LETO posed with a Jesus look-alike before Easter and posted it on his Instagram account.

Holy smokes!

JL Jesus

The Oscar Award winner has been compared by his fans to a handsome version of Jesus quite a few times–he does have the long wavy hair and the chiseled body to go with it. In our opinion, he really looked like Jesus in his recent nude photo shoot for Terry Richardson last year.

So LEA MICHELE thinks she “kinda” looks like KIM KARDASHIAN

Well, they do have the same brunette hair, thick lashes, and golden skin, don’t they?

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The adorable actress recently tweeted a photo of herself on the red carpet in which she thinks she resembles the curvy reality star.

Michele captioned the photo—in which she rocks blunt bangs, a low ponytail, bronzed cheeks, and thick, dark lashes—with a message addressed to Kim:

The newly single JOE JONAS pulling a RICKY MARTIN; showing up at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party. No for real, check out the new Joe; the Jonas Brother numero dos, doesn’t he look like Ricky Martin?

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The suntan, light beard, short hair and the tight-fitted jacket. What’s with that jean jacket underneath? He’s too lazy to change into something casual right after? Is it cold in LA?

Celebrity look-alike! How much fun is it for MELANIA TRUMP to slowly but surely evolving to look like her hubby DONALD TRUMP? We have to ask Mrs. Trump that question but surely they do look like identical twins.. almost!

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They say when you are dating/married to someone or being close to someone, you start looking alike. I surely hope that’s not true because my adorable Rhino, the Westie, man’s best friend is with my almost 24/7. If it’s indeed true, I hope he slowly evolves to look like me and not the other way around!

Doesn’t she so remind you of Kim Kardashian?

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