In recent celebrity news, MISCHA BARTON has finally opened up about her infamous meltdown a few years back.

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It’s public knowledge that Mischa Barton’s life has been kind of a mess over the last few years, what with getting arrested for DUI in 2007, getting sent to rehab multiple times, and landing herself in a hospital psych ward in 2009. But the formerly troubled actress has been looking happier and healthier these past few months, and for the first time, she’s decided to open up about her difficult past.

According to the latest Hollywood news, AMANDA BYNES’ parents have been temporarily denied their request for conservatorship over their troubled daughter.

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Amanda Bynes, who is currently being held under involuntary psychiatric hold for starting a fire at a retirement community, is in dire need of some major parental guidance… at least according to her parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ, who recently filed for a conservatorship for Amanda.

According to recent celebrity news, AMANDA BYNES’ parents have officially filed for a conservatorship over their daughter.

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Just like Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes may soon have a conservator overseeing her life for the next few years.

As recently reported, the “Easy A” star’s parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ, have decided to seek a conservatorship over their daughter, as she is believed to have a serious mental illness (with signs of schizophrenia) in the wake of her crazy fire stunt on Monday.

Hollywood news tells us that BRITNEY SPEARS shaved her head bald back in 2007 to hide evidence of drug use… in her hair.

No way?

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Britney Spears shocked the world when she went nuts and shaved her hair off during her widely-publicized meltdown in 2007. But as it turns out, it could just have been a plan to hide the fact that she was on drugs.

KONY 2012 founder JASON RUSSELL finally spoke out about his controversial naked meltdown and claimed it was not him, during an interview on “OPRAH‘s Next Chapter.”

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As you may very well remember, much of Hollywood and the world was shocked to see Jason Russell suffering a very public meltdown last March after convincing millions of people and celebrities to support the prosecution of Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony, with his Invisible Children viral video.

In recent celebrity news, troubled actress AMANDA BYNES was reportedly kicked out of her gym earlier this week… because of her very strange behavior.

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Amanda Bynes may not like being compared to resident Hollywood train wreck Lindsay Lohan, but thanks to her increasingly erratic—and unlawful—behavior, that’s exactly what people are going to be doing.