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Hollywood news is currently buzzing about WILLOW SMITH being photographed in bed with a shirtless, 20-year-old actor named MOISES ARIAS.


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Will and Jada Smith‘s 13-year-old daughter is causing quite the controversy, and not because she got another piercing or underwent a strange hair makeover.

A new photo showing the “Whip My Hair” singer laying in bed with “Hannah Montana” star Moises Ariaswithout his shirt—has been circulating online ever since the actor posted it on his Instagram. He later took it down, presumably as soon as people started calling him a pedophile and alleging the Smiths were not being responsible parents to their teenage daughter.

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JOHNNY DEPP has confirmed his engagement to AMBER HEARD, telling celebrity news:

“I’m wearing a chick’s ring.”

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Ever since we learned that Johnny Depp finally got engaged to the lucky Amber Heard, whom he dated following his unpleasant split with Vanessa Paradis, his new fiancée has been flashing her engagement ring at events.

Now in case that wasn’t enough proof, the actor himself is confirming the exciting news.

Depp, who was sporting a band on his ring finger, told reporters in Beijing on Monday: