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  • Emma Watson tells Tavi Gevinson she’s conflicted on Beyonce Knowles’ feminism – COLLEGE CANDY
  • Dayanara Torres wants more money from Marc AnthonyFarandulista

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  • One Direction share their top moments from 2013 –
  • Scarlett Johansson hung out with pedophile rapist ROMAN POLANSKIBOHOMOTH
  • 9 “noughties” films that will take you back to being a teenager – all women stalk
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  • 7 “Harry Potter” cast members and where they are now – all women stalk
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  • Paula Deen feels like “black football player that came out” – COLLEGE CANDY
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  • Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are on holiday naked and sun bathing – BOHOMOTH
  • Dolly Parton to headline Glastonbury Festival 2014 - !! omg blog !!

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  • 7 celebrities who look like Disney characters from animated movies – all women stalk
  • Ariana Grande responds to Perez Hilton‘s Twitter drama –
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