Did KENDALL JENNER get lip injections?!

She kinda looks like plump-lipped sis KIM KARDASHIAN in this selfie, don’t you think?

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The proud aunt of North West recently posted a selfie showing off her glossy, pouty lips, and it’s got celebrity gossip websites buzzing, because it kind of looks like she got her lips enhanced.

And she’s only 17 years old!

According to star news, BRUCE JENNER was recently spotted sporting a nose plaster on his face earlier this week, which has sparked speculation on whether or not he got a nose job.

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Just like his female family members, Bruce Jenner appears to have a fondness for going under the knife. But would he actually get his nose done?

In recent entertainment news, KRIS JENNER said everyone needs a fresh set of boobs every 20 years.

Well, not everyone, Kris.

Kris Jenner VH1

To say that Kris Jenner is not afraid of letting everybody know about (and see) her fake breasts is definitely an understatement.

The Kardashian momager and manager, who talked about her plastic surgery onSeptember 11 when the “Today” show controversially “interrupted” the moment of silence that commemorated victims of the terrorist attacks just to air her interview, opened up about her operation again on VH1′s “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

In recent star news, “The Hills” star HEIDI MONTAG is once again speaking out on her plastic surgeries… and she says that she “wouldn’t really recommend it” to anyone.

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After undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures (in one day!!!) back in 2009—which she once said was the best decision she ever made—Heidi Montag is now very much against doing any kind of cosmetic surgery on herself, and claims that she regrets all of the procedures she previously had.

Celebrity news has learned that JOSH HUTCHERSON recently got surgery to fix his broken nose.

So how did he break it?

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Could he have broken it in a fight? That reason would sound about right, wouldn’t it? First Josh gets caught buying booze with a fake ID, and now he goes brawling in bars.

It’s a nice theory, sure. But will it stick?

Judging from her old and current photos, it looks like ADELE has had plastic surgery… and on her nose!

Check out her before and after photos:

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Adele may have been pretty adamant about keeping things real and natural despite negative comments about her being a “bit too fat,” but celebrity gossip websites have taken note of the change in appearance of the tip of her nose, suggesting that the ”Someone Like You” singer has undergone rhinoplasty even before she got her Grammy award.