According to the latest entertainment news, LADY GAGA flashed her nipple on Instagram last Friday!


Lady Gaga nipple starLady Gaga has always been a risk-taker when comes to fashion choices. She tried to expose her body more back then by wearing nipple tapes but has eventually progressed to wearing no bra at all. Showing her nipples is just an easy thing now. Recently, however, she posted a photo on Instagram where her nipple was exposed!

MILEY CYRUS got a Floyd tribute tattoo inked on her skin over the weekend and even flashed us her underboob.

Check it out:

miley floyd3

Miley Cyrus has finally moved on from the heartbreaking death of her dog Floyd. Even if she has a new dog now, she won’t ever forget Floyd. Especially now that she has immortalized the image of Floyd on her body as a tattoo! This isn’t the first time that she has gotten a crazy tattoo – she has a huge tattoo of her grandmother’s face on her forearm and even a Rolling Stone tattoo on her feet!

The latest celebrity news has learned that HARRY STYLES recently favorited a post with a pornographic image on Twitter.

You bad, bad boy!

AES 115606

Harry Styles is a lot of things… He’s one of the cutest members of One Direction, an awesome belter, an (arguable) sex symbol and definitely the most famous member, thanks to his widely-reported romantic relationships with Taylor Swift (which ended badly, considering she also wrote a breakup song about him) and cougars older ladies like Kimberly StewartKendall Jenner and Cara DeLevigne.

According to the latest Hollywood news, KELLY OSBOURNE posted a butt photo on her Instagram account last weekend.

What an impressive butt!


Kelly Osbourne can clean up nicely when she has to attend the red carpet by wearing glamorous and dramatic gowns. Despite this tame side, Kelly is still a wild child inside. She’s still the same Kelly who likes doing graffiti and calling out the media by slamming them for their false reports.

MILEY CYRUS wore a giant inflatable banana like a big, yellow penis during her recent concert in Amsterdam.

Yawn. We’ve seen this from you so many times before, Miley.

MTO 009231

So far, Miley‘s racy Bangerz Tour has been one giant parade full of skimpy leotards, lewd dancing, oral sex simulation, and the sight of her playing with various phallic items.

In recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA’s “Do What U Want” video was pulled due to sex assault claims.


gaga DWUW

Lady Gaga has been known for her crazy antics and shocking fashion choices. She recently allowed herself to be puked onstage! With the release of the music video for “Do What U Want” from her “Artpop” album, the singer might have gone too far.