Star news has reported that MILEY CYRUS shared a nearly naked photo for #TBT, also known as “Throwback Thursday.”

Check it out:


The Elle Magazine cover-girl has been really down and depressed recently for the death of her dog, Floyd. She has been flooding her Twitter and Instagram feed with sad posts and photos about her dog. So it’s a bit shocking to see that Miley Cyrus shared a photo that’s not about her dogs or her sadness.

Star news has learned that RIHANNA went bare naked and showed her butt for a sexy photo shoot in Hollywood last Wednesday.

Ohh la la!

LMK 088484

The record-breaking pop singer is known her unique and catchy music. Rihanna is also popular for her crazy choice in fashion that really features the sexiest parts on her body and this does not exclude baring her nipples! In a new photo shoot, she bares her naked butt.

Star news has reported that ZAC EFRON and SETH ROGEN have dildo fight in a new “Neighbors” red-band trailer.


zac seth dildo

Zac Efron‘s squeaky clean reputation has been tarnished ever since he started showing his abs and starred in R-rated films. In a new movie with Seth Rogen (who admitted that he has a crush on Efron) we see more of this roughed up and mature image of Zac Efron. The two actually had a dildo fight in the “Neighbors” red-band trailer.

Star news has reported that LADY GAGA stripped down and danced at the BPM gay club in New York City last Friday.


JTM 066482

Lady Gaga claims to be the “Mother Monster” and sees herself as the new gay icon. She sides by the LGBT community and even had a song “Born this way,” dedicated to them. However, some parts of the LGBT community like the Drag queens feel that they aren’t being recognized by Gaga and has expressed their revolt against her.

MILEY CYRUS went topless on the leaked “Adore You” remix cover art, entertainment news has reported.

Check it out:

miley topless

Miley lived up to her racy image on her “Adore You” music video. She flashed her nipple, slid her hand down her underwear, and many more on the video. Now, she pushes it even further as she went topless on the leaked “Adore You” remix cover art.

The full photo shows Miley topless laying on a fake horse wearing only panties and a black wig.

SELENA GOMEZ recently shared a half-naked pic on Instagram! But don’t worry… it’s still super classy.

selenagomez nude

Despite her recent rehab stint, Selena Gomez still remains one of the classiest and least scandalous former Disney stars—no leaked racy photos, no raunchy antics, and definitely no blatant drug use at awards shows (we’re looking at you, Miley).

Still, she’s a grown woman now, so expect to see some sexy selfies here and there.