According to the latest Hollywood gossip, DEMI LOVATO goes topless and gets raunchy in bed with WILMER VALDERRAMA in some new pics that were recently leaked online!

Oh no!

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Demi Lovato‘s naked and intimate photos with on-off boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama leaked online last Saturday. She now joins the long list of Disney stars who had their nude photos leaked online… a list that includes Vanessa Hudgens (the most famous) and Dylan Sprouse (the most recent).

In recent Hollywood news, JAMES FRANCO deserved a “slap” according to the grandmother of teenager LUCY COLE.


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James Franco has an upcoming movie, “Palo Alto” wherein he flirts and makes out with a teenager played by Emma Roberts. Just recently, he took to heart his role in the movie, by trying to hook up with a teenager! Plus, he actually confirmed that he did it and blamed poor judgment for his actions.

In recent celebrity news, JAMES FRANCO has officially confirmed the rumor that he tried to hook up with a teen fan during a recent appearance on “Live! with Kelly and Michael.”

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James Franco, whose dating history includes former longtime girlfriend Ahna O’Reilly and “Spring Breakers” co-star Ashley Benson, attempted to hook up with a 17-year-old fan through a series of flirtatious messages on Instagram earlier this week… and the whole thing was brought to the attention of the media after screenshots of the conversations were leaked online.

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, JAMES FRANCO allegedly invited an underaged girl to hook up with him on Instagram!


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James Franco loves to interact with his fans… but this is just a whole other level of creepy.

The 35-year-old actor, who seduces and makes out with Emma Roberts‘ character (who is still in high school) in their upcoming film “Palo Alto,” allegedly tried to recreate the illicit affair in real life and attempted to seduce a young female fan on Instagram.

In recent celebrity news, BRITNEY SPEARS may have been caught lip-synching at one of her Vegas shows last week.


Despite being a veteran in the music industry, Britney Spears is constantly coming under fire for allegedly lip-synching at her concerts. Of course the singer fervently denies the accusations each time, insisting that she “always” sings live.

At one of her Vegas shows last week, however, Spears had an unfortunate technical malfunction that once again reignited the lip-synching speculation.

JUSTIN BIEBER suckles a stripper’s nipple in a shocking new pic from a recent party in Los Angeles!


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The singer has been causing quite a stir these past few weeks, what with DUI arrests and criminal assault charges, but this one will probably get even the most supportive Beliebers shaking their heads.

In a new photo that has recently leaked online, Justin is seen suckling a stripper’s breast.

We kid you not.