The JUSTIN BIEBER toxicology report from his shocking DUI arrest in Miami Beach last week has revealed that the singer was indeed high on weed and prescription drugs at the time of the arrest.

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Justin reportedly pled not guilty to the charges against him when he was arrested in Miami last week, which include driving under the influence, drag racing, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired driver’s license. But we’re not sure how he’s planning to back that plea up, since the toxicology report from the arrest has revealed that although his blood alcohol level was much lower than initially reported, he was indeed high on drugs.

JUSTIN BIEBER‘s dad JEREMY BIEBER reportedly participated in his son’s partying and drag racing activities prior to the latter’s arrest on Thursday, according to recent celebrity news.

Great parenting, Jeremy.

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According to recent reports, the 19-year-old singer, who confessed to being under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of his shocking arrest in Miami, was not without parental guidance during the whole thing…

He was with his dad.

JUSTIN BIEBER flashes a HUGE smile in his newly released mugshot for his DUI arrest.

He looks really happy for someone who just got arrested, doesn’t he?

justinbieber mugshot

As recently reported, the 19-year-old singer has just been arrested (yes, arrested!) for drag racing and driving under the influence.

Bieber, who is currently facing possible felony charges for egging his neighbor’s house last week, was taken into custody early Thursday morning for drag racing in Miami Beach. He was also popped for DUI (he admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs), resisting arrest, and driving on an expired driver’s license.

In recent celebrity news, JUSTIN BIEBER reportedly pissed his initials in the snow in the middle of a wealthy residential area in Colorado… in front of some not-so-pleased onlookers.

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Justin is apparently not done acting like an idiot.

The singer is currently facing felony charges after allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house, and yet he continues to wreak havoc wherever he goes.

BEYONCE poses in front of a “Last Supper” mural in a new photo shared on her Instagram account, and it’s causing quite a bit of controversy with the religious folk…


The buzz over her surprise albumBeyonce” hasn’t even died down yet, and already the singer is causing headlines again… although this time, it’s not because of her music.

It’s because of a photo.

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, it appears that another DYLAN SPROUSE naked pic has leaked online… and it’s even more revealing and graphic than the first ones!


Last week, former Disney star Dylan Sprouse (one of the stars of the Disney Channel show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”) found himself at the center of a nude photo scandal after some nude pics he took in his bathroom and sent to a friend/lover found their way onto the Internet. Luckily, the media uproar over the photos didn’t last long, because the 21-year-old actor handled the situation well by speaking out and owning up to the incident in an eloquent blog entry on his Tumblr account.