LINDSAY LOHAN is seen smoking a cigarette and flashing some side boob in a new Instagram pic that she shared on Thursday.

Did you miss her?

Lindsay Lohan

Ever since Lindsay‘s last rehab stint, which lasted for about 90 days as punishment for lying to cops about her car crash in June last year, the reformed addict has been trying keep herself away from trouble and the tabloids. But on Thursday, she raised a few eyebrows again after sharing quite the racy photo of herself on Instagram.

LINDSAY LOHAN brushes her teeth while smoking, in an Instagram pic that she shared late this week.

Um, yeah.

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For years, celebrity gossip websites have been trying to figure out Lindsay Lohan.

Not much as changed.

In an Instagram pic presumably taken on the set of HBO’s “Eastbound & Down,” where she will be guest starring for their fourth and final season, the troubled actress bizarrely brushes her teeth while holding a lit cigarette in the other hand.

Former Disney starlet SELENA GOMEZ has revealed that she had to learn to smoke for her upcoming film “Spring Breakers.”

Selena Gomez puffing on a cigarette? We just can’t picture it.

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Unlike fellow Disney actresses Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, who both made Hollywood news headlines in the past for smoking cigarettes and doing illegal drugs, Selena has managed to maintain her squeaky clean image by staying miles away from all kinds of vices… until now.

According to celebrity news, DEMI LOVATO was recently spotted carrying a pack of cigarettes in her purse as she was leaving the Marmalade Café in Sherman Oaks, L.A. It begs the question: is Demi a smoker?

Tsk tsk. You are a role model for young girls, Demi.


After overcoming an eating disorder, cutting and self-harm compulsions, depression and various other emotional issues, Demi has become a shining role model for teens who struggle with the same problems. She has given others out there the hope that recovery is possible, and that all it takes is bravery and the willingness to get better.

MILEY CYRUS is a woman of the world…she’s picked up a new vice – smoking! Wonder what that’s going to do to her voice in the long term…


Celebrity news has chartered Miley’s progress into adulthood, from beer drinking to bong smoking, from posting provocative and pictures on Twitter to her obsession with tattoos, and even her predilection of dirty dancing in skimpy outfits with men old enough to be her father.

WHITNEY HOUSTON could be the next star on death watch, according to the latest celebrity news out of The National Enquirer. The paper reports that Houston has been diagnosed with a deadly case of emphysema. This explains why Houston has been singing so poorly as of late, says the source.

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Houston as we know is a major party animal and enjoys her vices. Cigarettes, the source says, is one the singer isn’t prepared to let go of just yet.