According to the latest Hollywood gossip, SELENA GOMEZ exposed her nipple in Instagram in a nip slip?


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The trend right now seems to be exposing one’s nipples in public. Rihanna bared her nipples on the red carpet, Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner, and many more. Selena Gomez might be the newest brave one to jump into this bandwagon.

IDINA MENZEL suffered a boob-related wardrobe malfunction… but she simply rubbed it off with:

“Well f*ck it, they’re real!”

Idina Menzel

You’d think that Idina Menzel won’t have any other embarrassing moments for at least a couple of months after her new “buddy” John Travolta infamously butchered her name while introducing her at the Oscars.

Unfortunately, her good luck didn’t last long because during the “Frozen” star and Broadway singer’s performance of “Take Me or Leave Me” from “Rent” for the Radio City Music Hall concert on Monday, it was her wardrobe that failed her this time and revealed her nipples.

In recent entertainment news, MILEY CYRUS accidentally flashed her nipple in a boat party!


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Miley Cyrus has exposed herself countless times that we’ve seen almost every inch of her body. Since she likes going commando, Miley has no worries of flashing her nipples or even wearing underwear.

A few days ago, Miley flashed her nipple once again, but this time it’s an accident. Or at least, we’d like to think so.

LEA MICHELE suffered from nip slip while shooting her newest music video, Hollywood news has reported.


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The “You’re Mine” singer has been determined on creating her own name in the music industry. Lea Michele proves to us that she’s not just a Glee star, she’s the real deal singer and a fully grown woman who’s not afraid of flaunting her body. She may be too brave however, that during the shoot of her newest music video, she suffered from a nip slip!

SCOTT DISICK showed off his  crotch bulge in a pair of tight pants while out on a pharmacy run in Calabasas on Sunday… and it’s a pretty impressive package.

PRN 096670

Now we know why Kourtney keeps him around.

Scott Disick may be a notorious alcoholic with a propensity for immense douchebagerry, but he clearly has some redeeming qualities.

The Kardashian sisters once talked about how huge Scott‘s manhood is on their reality show… with Kourtney likening it to an “elephant’s trunk.”

PARIS HILTON went commando and flashed photographers at her own birthday party over the weekend, according to celebrity news.

Oh, Paris.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton probably wished she was in her birthday suit instead, because despite wearing a pretty pink dress with a super high slit, she went without underwear.

The result?

The hotel heiress-turned-wannabe deejay “accidentally” flashed her shaved crotch, much to the photographers’ delight, on the red carpet of her 33rd birthday party at Greystone Manor.