In current news, CHARLIE SHEEN got engaged to porn star BRETT ROSSI over the weekend in Hawaii.


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Charlie Sheen has a thing for porn stars but he is an “old train wreck” when it comes to treating them.  He dated numerous porn stars including Bree Olson, who he couldn’t keep up with in bed, and Farrah Abraham, who he constantly bashed.  After all that drama, he found another porn star, Brett Rossi. Charlie proposed to her just last Saturday!

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, CHARLIE SHEEN threatened ASHTON KUTCHER by telling him:

“I’ll put you on a hospital diet.”

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For years now, Charlie Sheen has been repeatedly slamming Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, as he is obviously very bitter over the fact that he was replaced by Ashton in his former television show “Two and a Half Men.”

Unsurprisingly, after years and years of insulting tweets, Ashton finally reached his boiling point and told Charlie to “shut the f*ck up” on national television.

Entertainment news has learned that ASHTON KUTCHER told his arch nemesis CHARLIE SHEEN to “shut the f*ck up” on national television on Wednesday.

Finally, he has spoken!

Ashton Kutcher

For more than a year now, we’ve been following Charlie Sheen‘s highly publicized feud with Ashton Kutcher, which pretty much started when the latter replaced Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen mostly does the slamming on Twitter, with the latest being a demand that Kutcher quit barfing on my old show.”

Celebrity news has learned that CHARLIE SHEEN slammed ASHTON KUTCHER once again and said:

“Quit barfing on my old show.”

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Not too long ago, the bashing blabbermouth has slammed actor (and TV show rival) Ashton Kutcher again by telling him that he’s “lame”. But, it seems Charlie Sheen was just getting warmed up again.

Just 24 hours after that, he does it again!

Despite Charlie—kind of—offering an apology to Ashton last Monday, he tweeted with a photo:

In recent entertainment news, CHARLIE SHEEN ripped ASHTON KUTCHER on Twitter and called him “lame.”

Again, Charlie?

charlie ashton

The “Anger Management” star seriously has some serious anger management issues of his own.

In case you didn’t already know, he takes his issues to Twitter to slams people and call them names. He has previously bashed President Obama and even told his ex wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards to “go f*ck themselves” on Christmas Eve.

CHARLIE SHEEN told his exes, BROOKE MUELLER and DENISE RICHARDS to “go f*ck themselves” on Christmas Eve, celebrity news has learned.

Someone’s not feeling the holiday spirit…

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It’s pretty common knowledge that Charlie Sheen has quite the tumultuous love-hate relationship with both his ex-wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards. One day, they’re good friends and the next, they’re feuding over their children (with Richards and a previous relationship).