According to the latest Hollywood news, CHRISTINA AGUILERA revealed her baby’s gender!

Can you guess what it is?

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The powerhouse singer, who recently encouraged her fans to celebrate “Steak and BJ day,” is beginning to start a family of her own! She recently got engaged to boyfriend Matthew Rutler and she can soon say goodbye to her skinny figure and hello to her second baby!

She recently revealed the baby’s gender to star news.

In recent star news, CHRISTINA AGUILERA encouraged her fans to celebrate a rather odd holiday … “Steak and BJ day.”


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The sexier and thinner Christina Aguilera got engaged just last month to boyfriend Matthew Rutler. She said late last year that she was “working on something special” for her fans and this year, she has something else special for her fiance.

She tweeted that special something for Matthew last Thursday:

Star news has learned that CHRISTINA AGUILERA and MATTHEW RUTLER got engaged last Friday!


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The on-and-off “Voice” coach went from being sexy to overweight and back to sexy in a span of 5 years or so!  Despite her fluctuating weight, her boyfriend Matthew Rutler loves her and her figure no matter what.  In fact, Matthew loves her so much that he already proposed to her last Valentine’s day!

LADY GAGA has re-released a studio version of her hit single “Do What U Want” with CHRISTINA AGUILERA1.


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Lady Gaga recently performed her new single “Do What U Want” on the finale episode of “The Voice” Season 5, and she made it extra memorable by bringing in Christina Aguilera (whom she was rumored to be in a feud with for years) in to perform it with her.

And now, after popular demand, a studio version of their collaboration has been released online.

Entertainment news has just learned that CHRISTINA AGUILERA is “working on something special” in the studio.

We can’t wait to know more about it!

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Despite her lackluster music career as of late, the “Say Something” singer has not been short on exposure thanks to her stint as a coach on “The Voice.” However, those of us who have been missing the Christina Aguilera who brought us such iconic hits as “Beautiful” and “I Turn To You” are probably not satisfied with just watching her coach and critique aspiring singers.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA tried to channel old Hollywood glam with a sexy white cutout gown at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Do you love it or do you hate it?

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Christina has made some truly tacky fashion choices in the past, and she certainly didn’t make things better with her usual orange tan, overly bleached hair, and drag queen makeup.

But this time, the “Say Something” singer tried to tone things down a bit, opting for a little less makeup and a dress that actually flattered her figure.