NEIL PATRICK HARRIS got “interrupted” by previous hosts during his opening monologue at the Emmy Awards last Sunday, according to entertainment news.


neil patrick harris emmy awards

Neil Patrick Harris kicked off the 2013 Emmy Awards over the weekend with a hilarious opening monologue… and stage invasions.

While talking about how this year in television was the best, the openly gay “How I Met Your Mother” star had his own Kanye West moment when he was rudely “interrupted” by previous hosts—namely Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien, as well as audience members Kevin Spacey, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey.

AMBER HEARD recently revealed in an interview that she used a big dildo in her sex scene with LIAM HEMSWORTH in their new movie, “Paranoia.”

But it’s not what you may be thinking!

amber heard conan

Amber Heard sure knows how to energize her co-workers.

In her sit-down interview on “Conan,” Johnny Depp’s new romantic partner reveals how she tried to kinky-fy things and break the tension while filming a sex scene with her co-star, Liam Hemsworth, for their newly-premiered movie, “Paranoia.”

RUSSELL BRAND admits he’s hurt that TOM CRUISE had “no interest” in recruiting him into his unorthodox religion, Scientology.

Poor Russell!


Apparently, working with Tom Cruise doesn’t mean he’ll want to share the same religion with you.

In an interview on “Conan” on Tuesday, Russell Brand hurtfully reveals that his “Rock of Ages” co-star didn’t want to convert him to his Scientology religion—the widely reported reason for Cruise‘s tragic divorce from Katie Holmes—even when he was very “interested” in it.

Talk show hosts CHELSEA HANDLER and CONAN O’BRIEN have a nude shower fight in a funny sketch for the comedienne’s show, “Chelsea Lately.”

And there’s even some of this going on:

chelseahandler conanobrien shower

If you’re one of those people who watched Chelsea Handler’s leaked sex tape, then her naked body is not something new to you… but it’s always worth checking out these funny videos she makes with her celebrity pals.

Celebrity gossip websites have just learned one very interesting (and sexy) fact: HALLE BERRY likes to spray perfume between her thighs!

DGG 039430 1

Halle Berry, one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood and Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2008, is still as appealing as ever at 46 years old, and she made herself even more appealing (if it’s even possible) by revealing her sexy how-to-wear-perfume secret during a recent episode of “Conan.”

KRISTEN STEWART revealed to star news that her dad’s a “total famewhore” who keeps dropping Kristen‘s name… but only because he’s insanely proud of his famous daughter!

Unfortunately, his sweet act does not fail to cause some embarrassment to Kristen

kristen stewart on conan obrien

Kristen Stewart started becoming a household name for her repeated appearances as the madly in love Bella Swan (now Cullen) in the “Twilight” film saga—with her last in the recently premiered “Breaking Dawn-Part 2″—but amazingly, the awkward actress has remained grounded.