Star news has learned that DAVID BECKHAM‘s hot body is on display for the new H&M bodywear swimwear collection!

Hot papi!


David Beckham has proven that he is worthy of the title “Underwear model of the century” through his various steamy H&M ad campaigns. Now, he strips down again to show us his hot body for the newest H&M bodywear swimwear collection!

In a statement, the hot daddy said:

According to the latest Hollywood news, DAVID BECKHAM is called “Underwear Model of the Century” by designer TOMMY HILFIGER.


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The “Stylish Man of the Year” has something new to brag about. Despite having rumors that he stuffs his crotch for his steamy underwear ads, he still looks hot. Designer Tommy Hilfiger also agrees that he’s one of the best underwear models around. In fact, Tommy called David the “Underwear Model of the Century.”

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, DAVID BECKHAM allegedly stuffed his crotch for his H&M underwear ads!


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David Beckham looked totally hot in his latest H&M Super Bowl commercial. But some people think that his hotness may have been a little too unbelievable, because a few days after the ad came out, rumors surfaced online that his package was “enhanced” during the shoot.

A “stylist” for the commercials claims:

Celebrity news has reported that DAVID BECKHAM stripped down for H&M’s Super Bowl commercial.

Hot Papi!


One of H&M’s hottest endorser is the soccer player and dad David Beckham.  H&M couldn’t have found a better face (or body) for the part; with him being a stylish man and having a drool-worthy hunky body.

David showcases everything he’s got in a brand new commercial for H&M for the 2014 Super Bowl. Or in this case, he strips everything he’s got.

In a shocking new interview with Hollywood newsDAVID BECKHAM reveals that he was forced to masturbate in front of his teammates back in his teens as part of a hazing process.


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David Beckham is back! Unfortunately, he’s not here to take off his shirt and showcase more of his sexy, underwear ads.

After putting his football days behind him, he makes a revelation about a disturbing incident that took place when he was just a 16-year-old up-and-coming soccer star.

Celebrity news has learned that DAVID BECKHAM is named the “Most Stylish Man of the Year.”

We are not surprised!

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The sexy soccer dad, who’s known for showing off his sexy body in underwear campaigns, was named Best Dressed Man by U.K. Glamour magazine 4 years ago. After all, it was pretty evident that he looks good with and without clothes on.