In a shocking new interview with Hollywood newsDAVID BECKHAM reveals that he was forced to masturbate in front of his teammates back in his teens as part of a hazing process.


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David Beckham is back! Unfortunately, he’s not here to take off his shirt and showcase more of his sexy, underwear ads.

After putting his football days behind him, he makes a revelation about a disturbing incident that took place when he was just a 16-year-old up-and-coming soccer star.

Celebrity news has learned that DAVID BECKHAM is named the “Most Stylish Man of the Year.”

We are not surprised!

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The sexy soccer dad, who’s known for showing off his sexy body in underwear campaigns, was named Best Dressed Man by U.K. Glamour magazine 4 years ago. After all, it was pretty evident that he looks good with and without clothes on.

DAVID BECKHAM along with 14-year-old son Brooklyn were involved in a car accident.

Oh no!

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The hunky soccer dad, who’s retiring from football, had a vehicular accident outside the driveway of their mansion on Friday.

Fortunately, David, who was last seen supporting two-year-old daughter’s soccer practice, and Brooklyn did not have any injuries from the accident.

David‘s black Range Rover had a front damage with the entire front fender torn off.

We’re just glad that David and his son are fine!

DAVID BECKHAM‘s two-year-old daughter, HARPER, showed off her soccer skills over the weekend, celebrity news has just learned.


Not long ago, their baby girl Harper was born… but now she’s already playing soccer!

Daddy David and Mommy Victoria and Harper’s brothers were all there to watch and cheer for her while she attended her first soccer training in Los Angeles last Saturday.

DAVID BECKHAM went topless and wore boxer briefs—again—for another H&M campaign shoot that he was spotted doing this week.

Ooh la la!

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Because H&M knows that we can never get enough of seeing David Beckham’s hunky tattooed bod, they did yet another campaign with him on location in East London on Tuesday.

As usual, the retired football star confidently posed for the cameras, even though he was only in his underwear by the end of his shoot.

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