According to the latest celebrity news, JUSTIN BIEBER gave some advice to DAVID HASSELHOFF on how to deal “B.S.” rumors.

Well, Justin seems to be the expert at dealing with a lot of rumors.


Last Tuesday evening, the declining alcoholic “Baywatch” star read an article claiming that he got intimate — with cheese.  David took his complaint to Twitter and tweeted:

“cheesey reporting as I NEVER posed naked surrounding myself with cheese THIS REPORTER IS A CHEESEY LIAR,”

Middle-aged “Baywatch” lifeguard DAVID HASSELHOFF is set to play a porn star…*double-take*….say what?!

The former “Knight Rider” will be parodying the life of Dondo, an ex-porn star who’s segued his career as a girl-on-girl porn film director in “Sons of Anarchy”.


The Hoff is set to go on prime time television on the American drama series for its third season, joining Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, and Katey Sagal of the Teller-Morrow family, entertainment news has heard.

Top 10 BIGGEST CELEBRITY MELTDOWNS in the Hollywood gossip news! Every move a celebrity makes is magnified in our hungry media especially when their lives become totally destructive. Let’s face it, the media sales jump as a meltdown of someone this famous unfolds. Here are 10 rich and famous A-listers who have gone ballistic over the years.

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10. Charlie Sheen

David Hasselhoff is hussle hoffing on Bondi Beach with a bunch of young ladies all dressed in red. Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff braved the wet conditions to promote Splice ice cream at Bondi in Sydney, Australia on January 3, 2011.

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Hasselhoff was greeted by a bunch of young women in red bathing suites as he arrived in a rubber lifeboat accompanied by local lifeguards. This looked to be a trip own memory lane as the Hoff strolled the iconic beach as if it were the set of Baywatch.

David Hasselhoff and his ex Pamela Bach have alcohol problems this weekend. David is famous for hs alcohol problems, now it seems his ex is as well! Pamela was arrested for a DUI on Saturday. Someone step in and tell their kids to NOT drink!

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More pictures of Pamela and David after the drink…

David was in the hospital this weekend for what appears to be a seizure. What set the seizure off, no one knows. Pamela said she tossed back a few drinks while comforting her children. According to TMZ:

David Hasselhoff is saying it was his ear that caused the medical emergency not excessive drinking as it was initially reported! Hasselhoff’s camp tells TMZ that Hoff was taking ear infection medications that clashed causing him to become disoriented and sick. – via

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photo above: Hasselhoff with his daughter Hayley

more photos of Hasselhoff after the jump..

His camp says: Hasselhoff was released from the hospital after being treated for an hour.