DEMI LOVATO returned to being a brunette. She says:

“Gonna give my hair a break.”

demi brunette

You really can’t tell that Demi Lovato was a drug user before, but you can tell that she’s an abuser — of her hair! Her hair has undergone some drastic changes for over the past … months! She’s been blue, pink, blond, and anything else that you can think of.

Star news has learned that KATHY GRIFFIN has shared her thoughts on DEMI LOVATO on a radio interview last Tuesday. Here’s what she had to say:

I have no problem with her “but her fans are vicious.”

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Last month, out of nowhere, Kathy Griffin bashed the singer, Demi, via Twitter for her opinions on Lady Gaga‘s vomit statement. Since then, Demi‘s fans have been outragaed and had attacked Griffin on the social media platform telling her to commit suicide and many more mean comments. Demi has apologized for her fans’ behavior about the matter and has expressed that she does not want to fight this useless feud.

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, DEMI LOVATO goes topless and gets raunchy in bed with WILMER VALDERRAMA in some new pics that were recently leaked online!

Oh no!

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Demi Lovato‘s naked and intimate photos with on-off boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama leaked online last Saturday. She now joins the long list of Disney stars who had their nude photos leaked online… a list that includes Vanessa Hudgens (the most famous) and Dylan Sprouse (the most recent).

Star news has reported that DEMI LOVATO got pied in the face by the girl group Fifth Harmony. She even told them:

“Your ass is mine!”

Demi pied

Demi Lovato has been really busy and stressed lately with her “Neon Lights” concert tours. So sometimes, the pink-haired pop star goofs around just to have fun. Just this week, she wore a “d**k in a box” costume and now she got pied in the face by Fifth Harmony.

Star news has reported that DEMI LOVATO wore a “d**k in a box” costume for her “Neon Lights” concert.


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Demi Lovato had a brief Twitter feud recently with comedienne Kathy Griffin and she has been too busy with her “Neon Lights” concert to even care. Things can get real crazy if she handled it all by herself, so it’s a good thing that Nick Jonas is the creative director. It can also get a bit stressful with all the rehearsals, costume changes, and many more — that’s why Demi Lovato tries to loosen things up by wearing a costume in her concert.

DEMI LOVATO apologized to KATHY GRIFFIN for the hate tweets and told her fans to “chill” out, star news has learned.

Isn’t she so nice?

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The former “X Factor” judge was recently bashed online by comedienne Kathy Griffin for commenting on Gaga‘s recent controversial performance. After her insult, Lovato‘s fans quickly attacked her with hate tweets in defense of the star. Now, Lovato has broken her silence.