Miley Cyrus moves on with co-star Douglas Booth!?! Liam who?? Miley has been cozying up with co-star.. Ok, for the record on the set of her new flick “LOL: Laughing out Loud.” The two young hotties were caught smooching on the bus top in Paris..

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more Miley romancing in Paris after the hop…

Cozying up for a scene. Did you know Miley and her ex Liam Hemsworth also met on the set of their movie: “The Last Song?” Rumor has it that Miley has already started dating Douglas although nothing has been confirmed yet. Oh I guess she’s so over Liam, isn’ t she?

Ashley Greene and Miley Cyrus frolic and film in Paris. Miley has been out hitting up the club scene after shooting hours but Ashley seems to be keeping it low key. They both just have fun while the camera rolls on Tuesday.

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More pictures of Ashley and Miley after the splash…

This wet scene with Ashley, Miley and some others looks…interesting.