ELTON JOHN thinks MILEY CYRUS is a “meltdown waiting to happen” and that LADY GAGA is in a “dangerous place.”

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The  legendary musician, who recently admitted that he feels sorry for the troubled Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan, is also talking about two other controversial stars of today—namely the controversial (and newly single) pop star Miley Cyrus and his sons’ godmother, Lady Gaga.

John reportedly told The Australian in a new interview:

ELTON JOHN tells celebrity news that “I feel sorry” for LINDSAY LOHAN and JUSTIN BIEBER.

You’re probably not the only one, Elton

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Over these past few months–or years, in Lindsay Lohan‘s case–Justin Bieber and Lindsay have mostly been making headlines for their “d-bag” antics and rehab troubles respectively, more so than for their acting and singing career developments.

And like most celebrities, Elton John can’t help but weigh in on what’s really happening to these troubled child stars and dedicated a song for them, titled “The Diving Board.”

In recent star news, ED SHEERAN has revealed that the legendary ELTON JOHN actually calls him every week to talk about his career.

You’re so lucky, Ed!

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A Grammy nomination, rumored romances with beauties like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, and having Elton John for a mentor?

There’s no doubt about it—Ed Sheeran has it made.

The “Lego House” singer, who was personally handpicked by Elton John to do a duet with at the 2013 Grammy Awards in February, tells PEOPLE about his current mentor-mentee relationship with the British legend:

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ELTON JOHN reveals to star news that LADY GAGA is godmother to both his sons, including his newborn child.


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Elton John will stand with Lady Gaga through thick and thin.

After publicly revealing that the bizarre pop star is the lucky godmother of his and his husband David Furnish‘s two-year-old son Zachary, the music legend admits her godmother duties now also covers Elijah, the baby that they also welcomed via surrogate last January.

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