Where are the stars ringing in the New Year? You bet there are tons of celebrities partying up in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami! What to know where to find the Kardashian sisters, Jay Z, Diddy and more on New Year’s Eve? Read on…

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Here are some of our celebrity friends’ party spots for the New Year countdown. Hey, if you’re willing and available you should join one of them and relate your experience to us in the coming year.

World‘s most glamorous celebrity ( who could it be?)

Angelina Jolie on the cover of Vogue (December issue)

Emma Watson: Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows premiere photos

Jenn Sterger and Phil Reese met with the NFL today

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Katy Perry at Victoria’s Secret fashion show

50 Cent lip-syncs with YouTube sensation Keenan

Kanye West cries on Twitter

Courtney Love and Kim Gordon on MTV 120 Minutes

Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift: AMA performers!

Toy Story 3 beats out Cruise and Sandler

Carrie Prejean getting married

Natalie Portman candid photos

Steve Carell is leaving the office!

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Miranda Kerr nurses hand injury at photo shoot

Robert Pattinson named one of the most powerful celebrities in the world, world stunned

Ke$ha likes fat men with beards

Naomi Campbell is going bald

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green tied the knot late last week

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Schedule. The World Cup kicked off early this morning (P.T.).  The event is being held in South Africa from June 11th till July 11th, 2010. This is the first time an African country has ever hosted the tournament. Are you a big soccer fan? Even if you’re not, it’s fun to watch anyway.

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup schedule after the jump…

This is The Year of The Tiger! Ok not Tiger Woods, silly. Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year falls on February 14th, 2010. That’s this Sunday which is also Valentine’s Day! Cool!

Year of the Tiger

more Year of the Tiger after the jump…

The Chinese uses lunar calendar for celebratory events which includes the New Year. New Year falls somewhere between late January and early February.

For those who are born under the Year of the Tiger Zodiac:

The 2009 Kardashian Christmas Card is revealed. And the card has one non-family member in the picture. No, it isn’t Lamar Odom, because he is family now. Look closer!

FP 4215971 Kardashian Kim MOE 1215092

More pictures of Kim and Khloe after the snap…

It’s Ryan Seacrest! How did he make their card? From Kim’s website: