GISELE BUNDCHEN sang “Heart of Glass” wearing a bikini for an H&M commercial, according to the latest entertainment news.

Isn’t she so talented?

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Gisele Bundchen is known for being one of the top models to ever grace the runway and various elite fashion magazines. But besides being just a beautiful face, she’s also a supermom who can even pose while breastfeeding. More than that, she can also sing!

In recent Hollywood news, GISELE BUNDCHEN posted a photo on Instagram while breastfeeding.

It’s always a good time to pose for a picture, we suppose!


When you’re the highest paid model of the world, you should know your angles. Gisele Bundchen doesn’t only know her angles, she’s the master in posing! In fact, she’s so comfortable with her body that she can pose butt-naked and can still good look wearing nothing else.  It’s so unfair that she’s able to keep her sexy model body even after giving birth to baby girl Vivian Lake.

GISELE BUNDCHEN and TOM BRADY kiss in “Wizard of Oz” costumes, as seen in a new photo that the model shared this week.

See for yourself:

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady1

Much like Snooki and her family, Gisele Bundchen and her hubby Tom Brady wore “Wizard of Oz” costumes and then showed it off online, along with a little PDA.

The famous supermodel, of course, dressed as Dorothy and the handsome quarterback went as the Cowarly Lion as they smooched for the photo

Recent star news has learned that Gisele Bündchen went on a lunch date with her cute baby daughter, Vivian Brady, in New York over the weekend.


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Gisele Bündchen is not just an amazing lingerie model… she also makes one sweet mom!

The blonde stunner recently had a delightful afternoon with her baby daughter,Vivian Lake, in NYC on Saturday.  Mommy Gisele, who got married to Tom Brady a few years back (a while after they welcomed their daughter into their lives), took Vivian to lunch and went shopping with her little bundle of joy, who was all smiles the entire day.

GISELE BUNDCHEN sang for a new H&M ad, according to celebrity news.


gisele bundchen sings for hm

This just proves that Gisele not only has a beautiful face and a stunning lingerie body (which perfectly justifies her being the highest paid supermodel).

The Brazilian beauty and first-time mom tries her hand at singing The Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night” for H&M’s newest ad… and she wasn’t bad at all!

She said about the collaboration:

GISELE BUNDCHEN gets pampered and exposes her butt in a newly-released behind-the-scenes clip from her sexy Vogue Italia shoot.

Ooh la la!

gisele bundchen vogue italia bts

Gisele Bundchen may have already welcomed a daughter with her husband, Tom Brady, but she has definitely maintained her sexiness!

In the feature, the lingerie supermodel undergoes intense whole body beautification—from her nails to a “vampire” facial—with the help of a beauty team.