10 worst cases of CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERIES that just went awfully wrong. There is so much emphasis on youth, being slender and beauty in much of the world. Especially, it is so true in the Western societies with billboards, TV, star news, the Internet and radio inundating our society with how important it is to have all three of those attributes, or you’re just not of value. Many women have gone under the knife due to this pressure.

Hang Mioku plastic surgery

Too much plastic surgery to your face can have disastrous results. Just ask Hang Mioku, who is from Korea.  Warning – the pictures may gross you out!

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More pictures after the injection…

Hang lived in Korea and started getting plastic surgery on her face.  She exhausted the doctors there who wouldn’t operate on her anymore so she moved.  Then when those doctors got tired, she moved back and her family didn’t even recognize her!