CRYSTAL HARRIS is still in love with HUGH HEFNER, according to newfound gal pal HEIDI MONTAG. The question isn’t whether it’s true or not—the real question is, why is this issue still relevant? Doesn’t Heidi have something else to talk about, like another sob story about how she hates her plastic surgery makeover from hell and wishes she never did it?

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Heidi was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show last Thursday, and when they touched on the subject of Crystal and Hef, the reality star revealed:

HEIDI MONTAG says she spent 14 hours a day in the gym, lost 27 pound to prep herself for her pool party at Wet Republic. If she’s to be believed, then she’s lucky she didn’t injure herself—or worse.


Heidi really likes to push herself—and her poor body—to extreme measures just to look good. Seriously… 14 hours a day? That’s just not safe!

The reality star tells Us Weekly:

Here’s the latest bit of entertainment news that we’re sure won’t shock any of you: SPENCER PRATT is banned from HEIDI MONTAG’s new show! Probably a good idea, don’t you think?


The producers of Heidi’s upcoming show, ‘Famous Food’, have issued an all out ban on her husband Spencer—and they are very serious. Clearly, they don’t want his crazy antics anywhere near their new show.

HEIDI MONTAG tells celebrity gossip websites she’s definitely done with plastic surgery. Hollywood’s plastic surgery poster girl had 10 procedures done in the span of a day, which included brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation. Now looking decidedly like a lifelike plastic Barbie Doll, Heidi, who hasn’t been her usual fame whore self in a while, has seemingly settled for food over fame…


10 worst cases of CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERIES that just went awfully wrong. There is so much emphasis on youth, being slender and beauty in much of the world. Especially, it is so true in the Western societies with billboards, TV, star news, the Internet and radio inundating our society with how important it is to have all three of those attributes, or you’re just not of value. Many women have gone under the knife due to this pressure.

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Hollywood celebrities spend fortunes on plastic surgeries; some have gone to such extremes as having gone under the knife repeatedly as if they were visiting their hair stylists. The only problem is that most of these surgical works are unfortunately irreversible. Let’s look at 10 celebrities who have had plastic surgery or as Hollywood gossip news suggest they have gone under the knife.

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