KELLAN LUTZ shows off his hot shirtless body in a new trailer for his upcoming “Hercules” film.

See for yourself:


Even before he achieved fame as “Twilight” vamp Emmett Cullen, Kellan Lutz was already in possession of a really sexy body… and he puts it to good use (lots of shirtless shots!) in his upcoming movie “Hercules: The Legend Begins.”

ZAC EFRON reveals to star news that women’s lips attract him the most, simply because “they smile and are fun to kiss.”


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Zac Efron reveals that he only really cares about one small part of a woman’s body: her lips. But we bet it doesn’t mean that it’s the only part that the humble actor pays attention to, considering how skillful he is in unclasping bras and knowledgeable about sex education

CHANNING TATUM performed a striptease on Saturday Night Live when he hosted the NBC TV show over the weekend.

channing tatum striptease snl video grab 2 460x467

We know he used to be a stripper in a past life, and it looked like he wanted to pay tribute to the profession that gave him his start in show business…

channing tatum striptease snl video grab

Hence, his nearly R-rated performance. We wished he could’ve taken off his pants too, but this is television. Let’s wait for “Magic Mike,” the upcoming stripper drama based on his experience dancing full Monty, and where we’ll probably see stuff that’d sear our eyeballs to kingdom come…

Why is TIM TEBOW wearing jeans in the ad he models for Jockey, virtually obscuring the underwear he’s trying to sell? Was this part of his contract rider with Jockey International?

tim tebow jeans jockey ad 460x345

We know he’s a devout Christian and all that, and he’s started a trend, that, like it or not, is spreading around (to the dismay of atheists all over America) faster than Kim Kardashian‘s pay-attention-to-me Twitter displays. But what’s the point of selling underwear if you aren’t going to show it at all?

Footie star DAVID BECKHAM will topbill the Super Bowl with an ultra sexy commercial that’s sure to get the ladies swooning.

david beckham h  m superbowl ad video grab

No more Kim Kardashian arching her prominent behind to sell shoes. All you’ll see is the Becks revealing his new H&M men’s underwear fashion line in his tighty-whities, and not much else. Bet you Victoria Beckham‘s gritting her teeth the whole time knowing the whole world will be ogling her man’s chiseled and tattooed bod come February 5…

BRAD PITT‘s been told he couldn’t act. Twenty-plus years ago, that is. Apparently he had the face and body of the future People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, but he couldn’t capture the audience’s fancy except as eye candy.

brad pitt w magazine feb 2012 cover

Today, the 48-year-old is still a hunk, and he’s receiving serious Oscar buzz for his role in “Moneyball.” We really can’t conceive the fact that he didn’t exactly take Hollywood by storm the first time he tried to break into showbiz. In fact, Angelina Jolie‘s partner and father of six relates that his first audition for a major production turned out to be a disaster…