JEREMIH insists that he didn’t lip-sync at a concert last Wednesday but was only singing over his voice.

And that the bottle that was hurled at him was not because of his alleged lip-syncing either!

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Star news has learned that the hip hip artist Jeremih, who was pelted with a cocktail drink allegedly because he was lip-syncing at his spring break concert in Texas last Wednesday, didn’t actually lip-sync but only sung over his track “Down On Me.”

Singer JEREMIH was reportedly attacked with cocktail drinks during his concert in Texas after his audience realized that he was lip-syncing Wednesday night, star news reports.

Tough luck!

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Jeremih literally had drinks running “down on him” after he chose to lip-sync during his concert in Clayton’s Bar and Grill on South Padre Island in Texas last Wednesday, all because the crowd got pissed off and started hurling their drinks at the hip hop artist.