According to recent Hollywood news, serial cheater JESSE JAMES is reportedly married again… to drag racer ALEXIS DEJORIA.

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Nearly two years after splitting from ex-girlfriend (and ex-fiancée) Kat Von D, whom he allegedly cheated on with 19 women, the motorcycle mogul has once again found love.

James, who was last married to Oscar winner Sandra Bullock before their tumultuous divorce in 2010, reportedly tied the knot with DeJoria over the weekend during an intimate ceremony in Malibu.

JESSE JAMES got his nth tattoo and decided to have it done by his 8-year-old daughter, Sunny!

We know that sounds crazy, but let us finish…

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Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D‘s notorious motorcycle guru ex Jesse James spent some time with his daughter Sunny by letting him ink his forearm, and not without the professional tattoo artist of course!

The tough dad tweeted a a photo of his daughter working on his arm:

MICHELLE “Bombshell” MCGEE, infamous for destroying the marriage of SANDRA BULLOCK and JESSE JAMES, has released not one, but two (!!!) full-on tattoo sex tapes for your viewing pleasure.

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So if you have a thing for heavily-inked “ladies”…and a heavily tatted-up guy, then this is your chance to score some kinky action from the woman who really couldn’t let go of her 15 minutes of fame, she went and made a couple of sex tapes to stay in the spotlight…

Hollywood celebrity gossip has learned that SANDRA BULLOCK is definitely not ready to start dating just yet… she just wants to focus on motherhood for now

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Sandra, who filed for divorce from philandering ex-husband Jesse James last year, is still not dating, and she isn’t looking to start anytime soon. A friend of the Award-winning actress tells Us Weekly:

“She’s still not ready to date.”

Entertainment news has learned that JESSE JAMES has slammed ex-wife SANDRA BULLOCK… again! Seriously, it never ends.

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Jesse, who seems to have made it his life’s mission to perpetually trash talk his ex-wife Sandra in every single interview or TV appearance, made his return to TV on the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper: The Build-Off”—and of course, he found a way to bash Sandy again. He said:

“I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn’t talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad.”

KAT VON D has revealed that her ex-fiancé JESSE JAMES cheated on her with 19 women… and that’s only the number she’s aware of. After all, 19 is still a modest number of women for a serial cheater like Jesse.


Kat made celebrity news headlines by finally opening up about her “toxic” relationship with Jesse in an extensive Facebook blog, which she titled “Thank You, Jesse James.”

In the blog, she revealed: