Celebrity gossip websites are always quick to report about any new romantic pairings between celebrities. But sometimes, there are those relationships that somehow manage to slip under the radar…

1. Natalie Portman and Moby

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Take for instance the jaw-dropping romance that occurred between Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman and musician Moby. In 2008, the famously hairless DJ admitted to dating Natalie briefly in 2001.

Can you believe it?!

JOAQUIN PHOENIX thinks the Oscars are “total, utter bullsh*t.”

Wonder what made the Oscar nominee has against the Academy Awards?

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Joaquin Phoenix may have been rumored to be in the running for another Oscar with his notable performance in “The Master” but he thinks the honor itself is just crazy.

The “I’m Still Here” star probably doesn’t wish to start an argument, but when asked what he thinks about the possibility of his new movie being nominated for the prestigious award, the actor told Interview magazine:

Top 10 BIGGEST CELEBRITY MELTDOWNS in the Hollywood gossip news! Every move a celebrity makes is magnified in our hungry media especially when their lives become totally destructive. Let’s face it, the media sales jump as a meltdown of someone this famous unfolds. Here are 10 rich and famous A-listers who have gone ballistic over the years.

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10. Charlie Sheen

Joaquin Phoenix apologizes to David Letterman. Why? It was over the crazy interview Joaquin did with him when everyone was speculating over the “movie” he was doing with Casey Affleck. David appeared quite puzzled by the exchange when it happened.

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Joaquin says Letterman was not in on the joke or hoax or whatever you want to call it. Last night he went on air and said he was sorry.

Joaquin Phoenix’s much anticipated documentary is a hoax. I know, I know – shocking! A little over a year ago it appeared that Joaquin Phoenix had fully hopped down the rabbit hole of lunacy, appearing on talk shows looking disheveled and saying he was becoming a hip hop star.

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We all knew that Casey Affleck was taping the whole thing for some sort of documentary, so it seems a little…fishy. And it was! The whole thing was an elaborate hoax.

Joaquin Phoenixs rapper documentary is slated for a September release. Remember last year when Joaquin Phoenix traveled down the rabbit hole and was giving crazy cakes interviews right and left? He grew a mangy beard, put on a few pounds and said he was quitting acting to pursue a career in hip hop. Remember?

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Well, the reason for all that nuttiness will soon reach fruition — Phoenix‘s documentary (fimed by Ben Affleck’s brother Casey) I’m Still Here is scheduled to be released in September.