JOSH HUTCHERSON admitted on Tuesday’s “Late Night with JIMMY FALLON“:

“I wanted to be JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.”

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Aww, Josh. Who doesn’t?

The arguably straight actor, who has been doing promotional tours for his new movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” following his hosting gig on “SNL,” sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon last night and revealed one of his biggest—and possibly untold—secrets.

He admitted that he was also an “embarrassingly big” fan of his co-star Jennifer Lawrence‘s “early 90s” crushJustin Timberlake!

JOSH HUTCHERSON joked about his new movie, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” during his opening monologue on “SNL” this weekend.

Oh, yes he did!

Josh Hutcherson on SNL

Josh Hutcherson‘s hosting gig on “SNL” finally took place this past Saturday, and it didn’t go by without picking on his character in the much-awaited “Catching Fire” film that just premiered this past week.

JOSH HUTCHERSON catches fire in his new “Saturday Night Live” promo.

And we kind of mean that literally.


The “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” actor has started touring nonstop with girl-on-fire co-starJennifer Lawrence, for the movie premieres of their new movie.  But despite his busy schedule, Josh will be the host of this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live”, following Lady Gaga‘s hosting and performing stint on SNL last weekend.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE recently talked about getting drunk on the “Catching Fire” set with her co-stars and admitted to star news:

“That was fun!”

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The brunette Oscar winner, who is now donning an adorable pixie blonde cut, was spotted at the “Global Google + Hangout” fan day with fellow co-stars recently. During the Q&A, the “Catching Fire” stars were each asked about their favorite memory while filming the movies.

In a new interview with entertainment news, JOSH HUTCHERSON shares that his “Catching Fire”  kissing scenes with co-star JENNIFER LAWRENCE “are really hot.”

If so, then they might just start to catch fire!

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Josh has a lot kissing scenes with co-star Jennifer Lawrence, who is now back with ex boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, in “The Hunger Games: atching Fire” compared to the first movie.

During one of his interviews for the November special collector’s edition of US Weekly Magazine, he shares:

The absolute final trailer for the upcoming “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” has been released, entertainment news reports.

Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire Final Trailer

The wait is almost over!

The much-anticipated “Catching Fire”—sequel to the blockbuster hit, “The Hunger Games”—has less than a month left before it hits theaters on November 22, and we’re down to one last action-packed trailer to get us all by.