Star news has reported that KELLY OSBOURNE slammed some tabloid rumors and defended MILEY CYRUS and JUSTIN BIEBER.

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Kelly might have ended her feud with Lady Gaga, but apparently she’s not done with slamming tabloids and media for their offensive rumors. She recently slammed a media outlet for making rumors about dating a close friend while she had just ended her engagement with Matthew Mosshart.

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According to the latest Hollywood gossip JUSTIN BIEBER posted a kissing photo with AUSTIN MAHONE and came out as “bi”?



Bieber has been trying to fix his life by going back to thing that he loves most, which is music. He’s actually in the process of creating new music with new pal Austin Mahone. However, Bieber‘s bad luck streak continues as a new photo was posted online that questions his late night Basketball sessions with Austin.

Hollywood news has spotted JUSTIN BIEBER playing late night basketball with AUSTIN MAHONE last Wednesday in Florida.


Despite Bieber‘s life going on a downward spiral and all the troubles that he has caused, we sometimes forget that Bieber is still a kid. He hangs out with kids his same age just like People’s choice award nominee, Austin Mahone, who he has a new collaboration with.

After their recordings sessions, the boys Bieber and Mahone, play some basketball outside the studio while they’re on break.

JOE JONAS dished on JUSTIN BIEBER‘s downward spiral, star news has learned. He said:

“We all saw it coming.”

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The twenty-year-old pop star has been having a lot of problems lately. He has caused quite a stir with his vandalism case, DUI, deportation, and a whole lot more. A different star has recently opened up and shared his thoughts on Bieber‘s life.

On the latest issue of Scene, Joe Jonas opened up about Bieber‘s life that’s on a downward spiral. He shares:

Star news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER and AUSTIN MAHONE recorded new music together.

We’ve got proof:

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Despite everything that Bieber has been through these past few months, he remains unbreakable. The heavily-tattooed pop star continues to live and create new music. In fact, he recently collaborated with Youtube sensation Austin Mahone.

Bieber and Mahone confirmed their collaboration when they both posted photos of themselves at the studio with  Cash Money co-founder Birdman and Young Money performer Mack Maine.