Entertainment news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER is brewing up a “special project” with CODY SIMPSON last Tuesday.


Bieber codyJustin Bieber had collaboration plans with Cody Simpson last month but it was stalled due to his legal problems. Now that some of it have been resolved, Bieber is glad to focus on the more important things, which is creating music. Bieber and Simpson have posted photos of them together composing their upcoming beautiful song.

In recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER is on the risk of violating his probation by hosting a loud rooftop party in Beverly Hills last weekend.

Tsk, tsk…

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Justin Bieber‘s cases are finally being resolved one by one. He’s glad that all of these problems are gone. It looks like, however, that the pop star hasn’t learned his lesson. He might be getting himself into new trouble when he threw a rowdy party over the weekend.

In recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER posted shirtless hiking videos last Thursday.

Bieber shirtless hike

Now that Bieber has finally put his vandalism egging case to rest, he has more time to himself and more time to think. What better way to clear your mind than to hike — shirtless, of course! Bieber posted new videos of himself hiking with friends showcasing their tattooed bodies.

Bieber and his gang went shirtless as they climbed up. He even posted videos of their hike and captioned one video:

According to the latest star news, JUSTIN BIEBER has been ordered to answer questions about SELENA GOMEZ.

What can be the reason?

RWP 010480Justin Bieber has recently been spotted dating his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, but the romance didn’t work the second time around. Gomez might not be linked to Bieber romantically, she is still involved in him somehow. Especially now that Bieber has been ordered to answer questions about Selena regarding his alleged photographer beating case last year.

ED SHEERAN shared to entertainment news “the problem” with JUSTIN BIEBER.



Recently, Justin Bieber’s vandalism egging case has finally been resolved. Some people, however, are saying that he still has other problems to be worried about. Then there are some people misunderstand him and even hate him. Luckily for him, there are people who try to understand him and try to understand what this huge fame is doing to him at such a young age.

JUSTIN BIEBER shared to star news that he’s “glad” to put his vandalism egging case behind him after he struck his plea deal.

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Finally, Justin Bieber’s vandalism egging case has been resolved. He has finally struck a plea deal, which enabled him to not go to jail but he will be paying damages and ordered to do community service. Much to his delight, he won’t be facing deportation or any felony charges.