Entertainment news has more information about JUSTIN BIEBER’s plea deal in egging. He will be not serving any jail time, but he will be doing community service.

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After months of debate, Justin Bieber’s egging prank has finally been closed. He was charged with misdemeanor vandalism for this, but the star was reported to have struck a plea deal.

TMZ has reported more information about Bieber’s plea deal. Justin entered a “no contest” plea last Wednesday on the L.A. County Superior Court.

According to the latest entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER is being charged with misdemeanor vandalism for egging his neighbor’s house earlier this year.

Oh no!

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Justin Bieber was accused of throwing eggs at his neighbors house last January. After a few weeks, a surveillance footage of the “prank” surfaced online proving that he did do it. A few months ago, Bieber stroke a plea deal for his egging case.

Here’s the latest update on this case:

JUSTIN BIEBER cuddled with YOVANNA VENTURA in new photos that he shared last Tuesday.

He’s done with Selena again?

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JUSTIN BIEBER was spotted going on dinner dates and casual zoo visits with old flame Selena Gomez since last month. But new photos have emerged and it looks like Bieber has found a new cuddle buddy! He’s seen cuddling with Yovanna Ventura, the girl who he hung out with a few months ago.

In recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER tried to play peacemaker after his bodyguards roughed up the paparazzi in Miami last week.

Did he really?

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The pop star committed a lot of mistakes this year that many have turned their backs against Bieber. He has been sued, chased, and bashed online, and a whole lot more. Despite all of these, Bieber has always tried to clear his name. In a recent video, we hear from him directly how difficult his life is now.

Hollywood news has learned that JUSTIN BIEBER sang “All You Need Is Love” at SCOOTER BRAUN‘s wedding over the weekend.

Justin Bieber singing at Scooter Brauns wedding

Jessica Simpson was not the only one who got married this weekend.

On Sunday, Justin Bieber‘s record label manager Scooter Braun finally tied the knot with girlfriend Yael Cohen, whom he got engaged to in January. The ceremony was held in Whistler, Canada with loads of famous people as guests, reportedly including Ed Sheeran, Sophia Bush and Tom Hanks.

Star news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER was cleared in an FAA investigation.


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Justin Bieber’s plane was stopped for investigation last February when he was on his way to the Superbowl. There were rumors that Bieber had pot with him and he even did it on the plane and the smoke was so thick that the pilots wore oxygen masks. Also, last April, Bieber’s bad luck on the plane continued when he was detained at LAX for questioning.