In recent star news, DRAKE BELL slammed JUSTIN BIEBER, LADY GAGA, and ARIANA GRANDE for their “gross” messages in a new Buzzfeed interview.


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Drake Bell has been continuously slamming the young singer Justin Bieber throughout the years. He even urged Americans to deport the star! Now that he’s bankrupt, it looks like he’s lashing out his frustrations again on Bieber and other artists.

In recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER is “done with tattoos for a while” after finishing some tattoos on his half-sleeve.


More than being shirtless all the time, Justin Bieber is addicted to getting tattoos.  He continually adds tattoos on every part of his body that sometimes it becomes really crazy. He even got a tattoo in an airplane!

He’s so addicted right?

Well, it’s a good thing that he’s stopping … for now.

Is JUSTIN BIEBER the newest Calvin Klein underwear model?



Bieber recently compared himself to the late James Dean in a photo he posted on Instagram mimicking Dean‘s iconic look. Well, if that wasn’t ambitious enough, it looks like Bieber has his eyes on a new prize, which involves showing off his new tattoo and always shirtless body.

Earlier this week, Bieber asked his fans on Twitter:

“What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign? Comment below yes or no.”

JUSTIN BIEBER compared himself to JAMES DEAN in a series of photos he posted on Instagram last Saturday.



A few months ago, after his DUI arrest, Bieber compared himself to the legendary Michael Jackson after his iconic pose when he left jail. This time around, he compares himself with yet another famous person.

Can you guess who it is?

It’s James Dean!

He posted a photo on his Instagram account:

Hollywood news has learned that JUSTIN BIEBER got another tattoo…. and on an airplane!

What a bad boy.

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Here’s some news about the “most overexposed celebrity” of today.

Justin Bieber, who already has tons of tattoos that he shows off every time he goes shirtless, got yet another body art recently. But perhaps the old process was getting old, because he just had to get it thousands of miles in the air… on a plane.

Star news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER will strike a plea deal in his egging vandalism case.

Tsk, tsk…

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Earlier this year, Bieber was accused of throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house.  All of it was a mere allegation until a surveillance footage of Bieber during the egg prank emerged. Because of this, he is now facing deportation if he is convicted from the egg prank case.