Celebrity gossip websites are sad to reports that JENNIFER ANISTON is still NOT pregnant, despite rumors claiming otherwise.

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It’s true that Jennifer has been photographed various times over the past year with a potential baby bump—most recently last month while at a red carpet premiere for “We’re The Millers.” But for the last time, this does not mean that she’s expecting a child with her fiancé, Justin Theroux, whom she became engaged to last year.

JENNIFER ANISTON had this to say about her relationship with JUSTIN THEROUX in the wake of all the rumors surrounding their delayed nuptials:

“We already feel married.”

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It’s recently been rumored that Jennifer Aniston’s decision to delay her wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux (in order to avoid having the celebration so close to ex-husband Brad Pitt’s own wedding to longtime partner Angelina Jolie) was causing problems in their relationship and would soon result in the couple putting the brakes on their engagement.

JUSTIN THEROUX skipped the underwear while jogging on the set of his upcoming movie, “The Leftovers.”

And you know what that means…

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Jon Hamm recently got a lot of attention for his impressive private parts, which he routinely put on display by not wearing underwear… but it looks like Jennifer Aniston‘s hubby-to-be can give the “Mad Men” star a run for his money.

According to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, JENNIFER ANISTON reportedly delayed her wedding to JUSTIN THEROUX in order to avoid any overlap with BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE‘s wedding.

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It’s been rumored that Brad and Angelina, who finally got engaged last year (at the urging of their kids), will be having their wedding this summer… bad news for Brad‘s infamously scorned ex, Jennifer, who also got engaged in 2012 and had reportedly planned to have her wedding this year, too.

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Hollywood gossip websites are buzzing about the fact that JUSTIN THEROUX has a super hot, younger brother named SEBASTIAN.

Who knew?

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If you ever felt disappointed that Jennifer Aniston was able to snag (and get engaged to) her lover boy Justin Theroux, you might be interested to know that there’s a possibly better alternative… his younger brother named Sebastian!

Apparently, Theroux‘s sibling is currently making news for his undeniable good looks. They were recently spotted in similar outfits—zip-up leather jackets and skinny jeans with lace-up boots—in New York on Monday.