KATE WALSH of “Private Practice” got naked on the cover of Shape Magazine’s March issue.

Oh, and also…she’s 44.

kate walsh shape magazine march 2012 cover

So how did the actress feel about baring everything on the cover of a magazine, despite the fact that she’s got such a tight body at her age?

kate walsh shape magazine march 2012 photo shoot

“I know! I was terrified, but I really wanted to do a naked cover – especially with SHAPE, because the magazine is about loving yourself inside and out.”

Kate Walsh opens up to the April issue of More and admits she’s unhappy she never had children. Walsh, who’s 43, suffered through a very public divorce in 2008 and wants to remarry before having children.

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She tells the magazine:

“I feel like a loser [for not having kids]. I would definitely love to be a parent. But I definitely don’t think I want to do it on my own. I thought I’d be married and have three or four kids,” she admits. “I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I think I always wanted a quote-unquote normal life.”

Private Practice star Kate Walsh has a new boyfriend? Walsh was dropped off at her home in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, by a mystery man a few days ago. Could he be Walsh’s new love interest? Amidst of a bitter divorce with husband, Alex Young, Kate could have found herself someone a shoulder to cry on. (Photos of the mystery male below)

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more photos of Kate Walsh’s possible new love interest below..

Kate Walsh’s husband Alex Young suddenly filed for divorce. The couple has only been married since September of 2007!  That was one fast Hollywood romance, wedding and breakup!  What happened?

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More pictures after the filing…

Irreconcilable differences.  That’s what the paperwork says.  And supposedly the couple have been separated since before Thanksgiving, meaning their marriage lasted a whole 14 months.  Kate’s PR Rep said via ET Online!: