Star news has learned that KATHY GRIFFIN has shared her thoughts on DEMI LOVATO on a radio interview last Tuesday. Here’s what she had to say:

I have no problem with her “but her fans are vicious.”

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Last month, out of nowhere, Kathy Griffin bashed the singer, Demi, via Twitter for her opinions on Lady Gaga‘s vomit statement. Since then, Demi‘s fans have been outragaed and had attacked Griffin on the social media platform telling her to commit suicide and many more mean comments. Demi has apologized for her fans’ behavior about the matter and has expressed that she does not want to fight this useless feud.

DEMI LOVATO apologized to KATHY GRIFFIN for the hate tweets and told her fans to “chill” out, star news has learned.

Isn’t she so nice?

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The former “X Factor” judge was recently bashed online by comedienne Kathy Griffin for commenting on Gaga‘s recent controversial performance. After her insult, Lovato‘s fans quickly attacked her with hate tweets in defense of the star. Now, Lovato has broken her silence.

KATHY GRIFFIN was attacked by DEMI LOVATO‘s fans after the comedienne’s diss on the singer via Twitter a few days ago, according to the latest Hollywood gossip.

Oh no!

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Just recently, Kathy Griffin bashed Demi Lovato on Twitter and called her the “biggest celebrity douche” she has ever met on Twitter after the singer blasted Gaga for glamorizing eating disorders. The pink-haired powerhouse singer has not yet reacted from this, but her fans have already taken action.

In recent star news, KATHY GRIFFIN bashed DEMI LOVATO on Twitter!


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Just over a week ago, Lady Gaga made a huge statement when she allowed herself to be puked onstage for a performance art. Demi Lovato, who had a troubled past with addiction, greatly opposes the vomit incident because for her, it glamorizes eating disorders. A week after that, another celebrity expressed her opinions on Demi‘s sentiments.

Kathy Griffin, who’s known for mocking artists, bashed Demi Lovato on Twitter.

KATHY GRIFFIN mocked JENNIFER LOPEZ‘s revealing dress from the 2013 Grammy Awards earlier this month, entertainment news has learned.

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At this year’s recently-concluded Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez went on to wear yet another memorable outfit that surprisingly “passed” the award show’s very strict dress code.

You may remember, it was a sexy black gown that had a completely sleeveless left arm and mile-high slit that exposed her entire right leg (yes, a la Angelina Jolie). And while it was 10x more conservative than her infamous barely-there frock from 2000 but it still grabbed everyone’s attention… including comedian Kathy Griffin‘s.

In recent star news, feisty comedienne KATHY GRIFFIN says that JESSICA SIMPSON’s newborn daughter’s name reminds her of “a feminine napkin.”

That’s kind of… gross.

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As previously reported, first-time mom Jessica Simpson finally gave birth—after what seemed like an eternity of being pregnant—to her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, on May 1. And now that she’s finally popped, Jessica’s gigantic baby bump is no longer the topic of discussion on celebrity gossip websites.