KATIE HOLMES celebrated her daughter SURI CRUISE‘s birthday on Friday with some cute cupcakes, star news has learned.


Suri Cruises Birthday Cupcakes

We’re not sure if Suri Cruise got anything extravagant (like an expensive tree house) on her 8th birthday on Friday, but her celebration was still pretty sweet.


Mom Katie Holmes, who has primary custody of Suri after her controversial divorce from Tom Cruise, got her little fashionista some cupcakes that spelled out the message. “Happy Birthday Suri,” which she took a photo of and shared on her Twitter.

In recent entertainment news, KATIE HOLMES praised TAYLOR SWIFT. She says:

“I love that girl.”

Katie holmes

She may not have won the Grammy’s this year, but Taylor Swift is definitely not stopping.  She aspires to win an Oscar one day. This passion and drive that keeps her going is what fans and artists like her friend Katie Holmes admire about her.

In an interview for Extra, Katie said:

KATIE HOLMES flaunted her tiny figure in a cute pink bikini earlier this week, and celebrity news has the pic!

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Let’s admit it: Katie Holmes may not be able to sing for sh*t, but she can probably still beat many celebrities’ bikini bods.

The child-at-heart actress, who was vacationing with her 7-year-old daughter Suri in Miami, was photographed stripping down to her 35-year-old bikini bod in a bright pink bikini while hanging out by the pool on Monday.

TORI SPELLING rips on former pal KATIE HOLMES in her new, no-holds-barred memoir “Spelling It Like It Is,” and here’s what she had to say:

She’s “plastic” and “can’t sing for sh*t.”

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Harsh much?

Shortly before Katie‘s unexpected divorce from Tom Cruise, the brunette beauty ran into old friend Tori Spelling (the two knew each other from their “Dawson’s Creek” and “Beverly Hills 90210” days) after both women ended up going to the same vocal coach to train for their respective acting gigs.

In the latest celebrity news, KATIE HOLMES has joined Twitter. And for her first post, she shared a photo of herself with TAYLOR SWIFT!

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It’s been a while since we last heard of Katie Holmes, and we can probably blame it on her highly controversial divorce from Tom Cruise in June last year.

But now, she’s back… online, at least!

In recent celebrity news, 7-year-old SURI CRUISE was called a “b*tch” (yes, can you believe it?) by one paparazzo as she and mom KATIE HOLMES made their way to their car in New York City.

What a disgustingly vile human being.

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It’s a well-known fact that the paparazzi have a tendency to go a little too far on the job… to the point where they end up harassing the celebrities. Some of them even go so far as to pull cruel pranks, start violent fights, make death threats, and even cause near-fatal car accidents.