KATIE PRICE is deathly afraid of having become a target for kidnapping again after a tracking device was discovered under her car. Has the busty self-promoting English glamour model’s £40 million personal fortune (US$66.76 million) attracted a kidnap-for-ransom ring in the U.K.?

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Hollywood news remembers 10 months ago when Katie and her three children were allegedly singled out by a kidnapping gang. Now Katie‘s sick with worry after a mechanic found a tracking device under her pink Range Rover during a routine check-up at a garage this week…

KATIE PRICE stepped out to promote her new TV show, “Signed By Katie Price,” clad in nothing but skimpy lingerie at The Worx in London.

Does she really need to look like this just to get people to notice her?

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Katie made celebrity news headlines when she showed up to promote her new Sky Living series in a white blazer (which she left unbuttoned), lace-trimmed thigh-high fishnet stockings, suspenders, sheer black panties, and a rhinestone-encrusted black bra.

KATIE “Jordan” PRICE dumped her Argentinian boyfriend LEANDRO PENNA due to boredom in the bedroom…that is, they weren’t having enough sex to suit the English glamour model. And if Katie‘s physical appearance and personality are any indication, she’s a vixen who requires sex…lots of it. And Leandro just wasn’t up to speed…


Hollywood gossip websites surmisses Katie met Leandro, a male model in Argentina, after having survived a near-fatal car crash into a group of horses when she was visiting ex-husband MMA fighter Alex Reid‘s parents in early 2011.

English queen of self-promotion KATIE PRICE, a.k.a. JORDAN, has dissed fellow Brit CHERYL COLE for her fashion choices during her minutely brief stint as a judge in the U.S. “X-Factor.” Katie would know of course, because unlike Cheryl she dresses in the height of…uh…fashion, and has her own magazine to prove it…

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Katie took herself and her juggaloos to celebrity gossip websites and quite scathingly ridiculed Cheryl‘s use of color blocking:

KATIE PRICE is said to be living with her new beau LEANDRO PENNA, an Argentinian model,25. The two met at an Oscars party earlier this year.

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Leandro’s mom tells The Sun that she doesn’t think it’s just a fling. “He must be serious. For him to have already met her family and to be bringing her to meet us, I can only think this isn’t just a fling.”

Katie Price went overboard at Elton John’s Oscar Party and AIDS fundraiser event. The British model – who is reportedly split from her second husband Alex Reid already – was trying to find another man to hang on to with no luck.


Since Katie wasn’t having any luck, she even tried for a few women. But then, Katie was reported to have consumed a lot of alcohol, so she can blame that.