KESHA has officially (and finally!) dropped the dollar sign from her Twitter name, according to celebrity news.


Kesha Twitter

Fresh from rehabKe$ha is all for renewing herself. And on Friday, the “Dirty Love” performer started with her bizarre Twitter handle and moniker.

What was originally @Ke$haSuxx is now @KeshaRose—a change that will make her even more searchable on YouTube, given that she has dropped the dollar sign.

On the same day, she tweeted along with a photo of her wearing an “I’m A Survivor” shirt:

Entertainment news has learned that KE$HA continued her rehab treatment and postponed her spring tour.

Get well soon!

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The “Dirty Love” singer recently thanked her fans for their support, which made her “overwhelmed to tears.”  After about a month, however, the singer is not yet done with her controversial rehab treatment.

Because of this, Ke$ha decided to postpone her spring concerts. She said in a statement last Tuesday:

Entertainment news has learned that KE$HA tweeted from rehab, saying “I’m overwhelmed to tears” by her fans’ support.

Glad to hear that, Ke$ha!

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After Ke$ha entered rehab for her eating disorder a few weeks ago, a lot of rumors popped up about her wellness.  There were claims that the main reason for Ke$ha‘s disorder was her producer who called her fat. The singer’s mom later confirmed this saying that Ke$ha wanted to commit suicide because she couldn’t handle all the weight criticism and bullying.

Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that KE$HA wanted to commit suicide because of all the over weight criticism and bullying that she was getting.

Aaww, Kesha!

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A few weeks ago, Ke$ha entered rehab to treat her eating disorder. A week after that, her mom entered the same rehab as well not as support but to treat her post-traumatic stress disorder.

Entertainment news has learned that KE$HA‘s mom has recently checked into the same rehab center as the singer.

Like mother, like daughter?

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You may have heard that the “Dirty Love” singer entered rehab last week for her eating disorder, which she reportedly claims was developed after her own producer repeatedly called her fat.

It’s not so bad though, because now she’s got company… Her own mother.

According to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, KE$HA reportedly developed an eating disorder after her own music producer allegedly called her fat.

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Ke$ha noticeably lost a lot of weight last year, and in an interview for Self magazine’s July 2013 issue, she attributed her slimmer figure (which she showed off incessantly in racy pics on her Instagram account) to a leaner diet and an active lifestyle.