KE$HA strips, grinds, and bares her butt and boobs in her new music video for “Dirty Love.”

Dirty, indeed.

kesha dirtylove

Much like many of today’s pop stars, the rainbow-haired pop singer loves to flash her body in her racy Instagram selfies.

In her new music video for “Dirty Love,” we see much of the same thing.

Ke$ha takes off her clothing, dances provocatively, and showcases her buttocks in the raunchy clip.

KE$HA is surprisingly elegant (or as elegant as she can be with cotton candy hair) at the 2013 American Music Awards on Sunday.

Check her out:

AES 115561

Elegant is not an adjective that one usually hears with Ke$ha’s name, but this time, it’s actually pretty accurate. Gone are the studded eyebrows, the glitter makeup, and all the other crazy fashions she normally wears on the red carpet—this time, she’s keeping it relatively simple… and normal.

In recent star news, KE$HA has revealed that her vagina is currently being haunted by a ghost

Yes, you read that right.

GFR 023678

Having sex with ghosts is apparently one of Ke$ha’s favorite hobbies—right up there with posting racy pics on Instagram, hanging out with strippers, and rolling around in glitter.

In a new interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the singer opens up about a particularly weird episode from her MTV documentary, “My Crazy Beautiful Life.”

KE$HA flashed her butt and some underboob in new racy Instagram pics that she uploaded on Sunday.

Check her out:

Kesha instagram

Ke$ha won’t Miley Cyrus or Rihanna outdo her when it comes to revealing her body for all the world to see.

The bizarre pop star, who’s become infamous for her raunchy antics long before Miley started making headlines for her own crazy stage performances, previously got on all fours and exposed her butt in a series of racy pictures that she shared earlier this month.

KE$HA got on all fours and flashed her butt and cleavage in a couple of new racy Instagram pics that she shared on Thursday.

DGG 040395

Shameless half nudity, twerking in public, and sharing racy photos have been the trend in Hollywood celebrity gossip lately and, unsurprisingly, Ke$ha didn’t want to be missing from all the action.

In some very racy Instagram shots that she shared on Thursday, the currently rainbow-haired pop star did a little something of each… She bared her ass (again) by wearing super skimpy outfit—composed of a thong, black lace garters and white t-shirt—and positioned herself seemingly mid-twerk on the floor.

KE$HA has dyed her hair in a variety of rainbow colors… and it looks great!

See for yourself:


After seeing her with half her head shaved and with gold studs glued on her scalp, it’s nice to see Ke$ha rock a more feminine look… even if it is a bit unconventional with all the vibrant, unnatural colors.

The singer, who’s been looking more and more normal recently, has dyed her hair a pretty rainbow hue, with shades of yellow, lime green, blue and pink.